Diamante: The City of Murals

March 16, 2016 / Art & Archaeology
Diamante, Calabria


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Calabria is overflowing with hidden gems and Diamante is no exception.


Diamante (diamonds in English), is the perfect name for this charming fishing village on Calabria’s west coast. It is home to crystal sparkling waters, breathtaking views of the Riviera dei Cedri and Calabria’s famously hot peperoncini (chili peppers). But, that’s not all!


As you walk the narrow weaving streets of Diamante’s historical center, you will be instantly drawn to the over 150 beautifully hand-painted murals gracing the walls of this seaside village. In 1981, painters unleashed their artistic talents using the walls as blank canvases as part of an initiative created by painter Nani Razzetti and the Mayor of Diamante at the time.


Since then, more murals have been painted making Diamante’s historical center an intriguing and ever-changing outdoor art exhibit.

Whether you like irresistible beaches, impressive cuisine or beautiful art; Diamante is the perfect fit for everyone!

(Image Credits:  Eugenio Magurno (1), Eugenio Magurno (2), AlMare)

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Cherrye Moore

by Cherrye Moore

Cherrye Moore is owner of My Bella Vita Travel, a boutique tour operator specializing in custom vacations and heritage tours in southern Italy. Join her in June or September for the Small Group Heritage Tour of Calabria – a unique small group tour that combines group travel with a private heritage tour, or in September for the Undiscovered Southern Calabria and Eastern Sicily Tour.


5 Responses to “Diamante: The City of Murals”

  1. Ginny Siggia

    I have an interesting mural project coming up. The previous owner of my house covered the wall at one end of a basement room with a wall-size print of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. It’s quite a conversation piece. What surprised me is that it cost only about $100. Anyway, the adjacent wall is ugly with partially-stripped wallpaper and a rusty lally column. I thought it would be fitting to paint a Tuscan landscape so Venus could feel at home. This article gives me courage.

  2. John Forsman

    One mural is a copy of a b/w photo by Paul Strand, “The Family, Luzzara (The Lusettis), 1953. One can google it.

  3. Diamante is my favorite beach in Calabria. Ever since my 2004 visit my magnets are holding the postcards I purchased there. It was a great discovery for me and continues to be a place where I will visit again and again.

  4. We visited Orgosolo, Sardinia in 1993 where we viewed many such murals: an homage to Garibaldi, an anti-war statement featuring Charlie Chaplin, a memorial to the 9/11 attack and many others…all quite striking.

  5. Karen

    I am visiting Diamante next year and am very interested in seeing all the murals. Are you aware of a guide or tour that highlights these murals?


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