Gladiator Tomb Chat

March 1, 2013 / Art & Archaeology
Rome, Italy

gladiator-tomb1ItalianNotebook friend Darius Arya, Ph.D, (director at the American Institute for Roman Culture) talks to us about the Gladiator Tomb and how important an opportunity it is for everyone that the site be excavated instead of being buried (common practice in the archaeology world when funds are short).

Darius needs another 700-800 signatures on the Gladiator Tomb petition, and I figured that all of us at ItalianNotebook are up to the task!

If you haven’t yet, please sign at the bottom of the Gladiator Tomb petition, thanks!

(Once you click the “Sign Now” button, you will be taken to a donation page for the petition service… neither Darius nor the Archaeological Superintendency nor the American Institute for Roman Culture receive any of the funds collected here. You can simply close the page at this point. Again, any donations collected here DO NOT go towards the Gladiator Tomb conservation efforts. Your signature on the petition will be recorded even without a donation.)

Here’s a homespun video where I make fun of Darius and his obsession with diggin’ up old broken buildings…

Once again, if you feel we would all benefit from this discovery, please sign at the bottom of the Gladiator Tomb petition, thanks!


by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

14 Responses to “Gladiator Tomb Chat”

  1. GB – great interview, and one which addresses a very important topic.

    A non sequitur: I think you ought to consider doing a series of interviews with IN’s contributors. What is their passion, why is it their passion, what brought them to their interest in the first place and where do they see themselves with it 10 years (say) down the road?

  2. Giuseppe Spano
    Giuseppe Spano

    Thank you for exposing a serious problem,now “IF ONLY” you could get the politici mescolati to think of the true value of these finds you would qualify as papa!

  3. I signed! My son loved the Russell Crowe movie, Gladiator. I can’t imagine burying a piece of history like that! Best of luck with the petition!

  4. Valerie

    Signed this even before I finished reading the article or watching the video. I just finished posting on Facebook. Let’s hope this helps to reach Darius’ goal. Thank you for writing this and making me and everyone else aware.

  5. This is absolutely great! I am very happy to see the wonderful comments and offers to post/ share/ sign. Please do keep this momentum going. We have already registered a big spike in petition signers. Thanks so much Italian Notebook readers!

  6. humbert levrini

    preserving history is a window of our pass-who we are and where we came from-by all means every find should be explored for the grater good .

  7. ugo tori

    This is a fantastic case to start a movement that can bring to Italy money for doing works important in the area of preservation and presentation.

  8. Mary Donnelly

    Done! Almost there–I was 4579! Thanks for letting us know about this (enjoyed the video too!)

  9. Again I am so grateful to Italian Notebook and all of you– for your support, interest, and, ultimately, taking the time to investigate the situation and sign.

    I know that we are all bombarded daily by people for petitions, causes; it is overwhelming. I would argue that our goal is a bit different, with its historical, cultural heritage aspect. Too many times, we are all rushing forward to the future– and we lose sight of the past, until it’s too late.

    I promise to keep you all updated on what ultimately happens with the site. We are not giving up!

    You can also learn more about what we do:
    twitter: @AIRomanCulture @SaveRome
    Instagram: SaveRome

  10. Colleen Simpson

    I enjoyed the video and signed the petition. I will also share on facebook and send out emails to friends and family. GB: Grazie mille for including us!!! This is such an important endeavor.


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