Ponte Sant’Angelo; A Host of Angels

September 15, 2008 / Art & Archaeology
A host of angels on earth? Head over to Ponte Sant’Angelo, the bridge that pilgrims took to visit St.Peter’s basilica during the late Empire. While it had been occasionally used to hang the bodies of executed criminals, Pope Clement IX (mid 17th century) decided to commission Bernini instead to make 10 statues of angels, each representing one of the instruments of Christ’s passion. (Bernini only completed two of them, the others are by his students.)

Angel with the Sudarium, (Veronica’s Veil)

Angel with the Sponge of Vinegar

Angel with the Whips

Angel with the Lance

Angel with the Nails

And last but not least, Bernini’s own Angel with the Superscription (INRI).

— Wonderful images by Fran├žoise Mouton: A professional photographer who loves taking photos of Rome, (and is a great business photographer as well). www.rmstudioroma.it


by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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