A Walk Through Time

September 17, 2009 / Art & Archaeology
Rome, Lazio

Rome is a city with a pulse. It’s crowded with tourists moving from sight to sight, trying to see ‘Rome in a day’ while the Italians quickly down their espresso at their favorite local bar (café) before heading to work.

Speeding vespas and cars zip in and out of the small streets, horns blaring, visitors desperately trying to cross the streets without getting hit. To get away from the hustle and bustle and catch the city at its best, take an early morning walk when most people are still asleep, traffic is almost non-existent, and the air is cool and clear.

romeforum2One of the most striking early morning walks is through the Roman Forum. Bathed in the first rays of the day, pretty much alone and in silence among the ruins, you naturally begin to think what life here must have been like during the heyday of the Caesars. A center of social, political, and economic life, it’s easy to imagine Roman citizens listening to the orators or discuss the politics of the day, the markets and shops social hubs for citizens.

Enjoy the peaceful morning walk along via Sacra inspecting the remains of the forums, the Temple of Saturn and the Arch of Septimius Severus…but remember, the crowds are about to arrive! Good thing you came early.


by Monica Pileggi

Contract Specialist, Photographer and Traveler. You can view the photographs that documents her travel impressions on www.pileggiphotography.com

13 Responses to “A Walk Through Time”

  1. Angela De Marco

    I have done this and you are absoulutely right on the mark. I went one morning in February and it was glorious. Thank you so much for bringing back such a fantastic memory.

  2. Hi Monica, I enjoyed reading your article very much. It made me feel as if I was walikng the streets of Rome. The photos are also very good. I think you have found your hidden talent.


  3. Linda DiCrescenzo

    Reminds me of the morning I took a cab to the airport. It was early and I remember how beautiful Rome was. I had never seen her like this before. The streets were remarkably wide, beautiful and quiet. I tell people about it all the time and your article reminded me of that beautiful Autumn morning as I prepared to leave my beautiful Italy behind.

  4. Thanks everyone! I plan to retrace my steps in about 45 days! I’ll be in Rome for 3 nights, so I am looking forward to finding more treasures in Rome.

  5. Wow…your photos are outstanding.
    I have a friend who doesn’t sleep well,even at home. He is often up early, seeing where we are from a total different perspective.What you described must be what he sees. But sad to say he has never expressed himself as you have. Maybe he doesn’t realize what he has just experienced, or maybe he does but wants to keep it all to himself.
    He is the one who brings back fresh coffee, or a hot fresh pastry or croissant, so maybe that is his way of sharing his early morning walks without saying a word.I will appreciate early morning more from now on!!

  6. Stuart Tower

    Monica…once again you’ve gven us a scene through your very observant eyes. Keep ’em coming!

  7. Gian Banchero

    Dear Monica; Thank you for the photos, they are masterpieces of color and composition, I’ve spent a good amount of time today looking at the photo of the forum, the more I look at it the more I see. Grazie

  8. Monica…these are great!! Thank you for sharing. I love the layout of your work. You should write a book about your travels. Isn’t great to be able to live your passions.


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