The “Talking” Statues of Rome – Part II

July 25, 2008 / Art & Archaeology

Continuing from last week’s note, one of Pasquino’s henchmen was a statue called Abate Luigi. Today, his statue is hidden away in a corner of the Piazza Vidoni, behind cars on the left side of the church of Sant’Andrea della Valle. However, a plaque at the bottom of the statue attests to how he satirically assisted Pasquino and now lives here in eternity. (photos 2 and 3)

The other statues are Marforio in the Palazzo Nuovo; the Babuino or La Silene, on the Via di Babuino; Madama Lucrezia in the Piazza San Marco; and Facchino, on the Via Lata right off the Via del Corso.

According to a legend, Facchino, (photo 1), who is the only real person of all the statues, was a water carrier who carried water from the fountains and went around Rome selling it. He also loved his wine and became quite vitriolic after imbibing. So, as his punishment, he became a water carrier statue for eternity, never again to savor his favorite wines. Fact or fiction? Who knows, but it makes an interesting end to the Talking Statues of Rome.

Normanno Ross

by Normanno Ross

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