March 26 2013 / Places

The Bird Hotel

Vendicari, Sicilia

When cold winters in northern Europe send the hoards flocking southwards, many make a stopover at the Bird Hotel. Vendicari,

March 5 2013 / Events

Horses in Bloom

Scicli, Sicily

The festa di San Giuseppe is one of the most colorful in Sicily.  Many towns celebrate with fanciful breads and

January 24 2013 / Local Interest

Muretti a Secco

il Ragusano, Sicily

Thanks to their grueling work and an innate sense of artistry, farming peasants created the most striking feature of the

January 8 2013 / Events

Eyes on the Festa of Santa Lucia

Siracusa, Sicily

Carrying eyes around on a plate is not an everyday occurrence, but it happens twice a year in Syracuse, Sicily

December 19 2012 / Food & Wine

Torrone Heaven

Giarratana, Sicilia

While some people get stressed shopping for Christmas gifts, others prefer to go to torrone heaven. Tucked away in the

November 30 2012 / Food & Wine

Wild Things

nel Ragusano, Sicily

A few weeks after the first autumn rains have fallen on Sicily’s sun-parched fields, the season of wild things begins.

March 7 2012 / Food & Wine

Arance Rosse


Nothing can chase away the winter blues better than a dose of Sicily’s arance rosse, the “red oranges” commonly known as blood

January 27 2012 / Places

Le Neviere of Monte Lauro

Monte Lauro, Buccheri, Sicilia

Sicily often conjures up images of beaches and suntans, but once had a great reputation for ice. Gathering snow and

December 13 2011 / Places

Towers that Aren’t

Modica, Sicilia

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a torre (tower) should be tall. Traveling around on the delightful back roads north

November 17 2011 / Food & Wine


Modica, Sicily

‘Mpanatigghi are a sweet biscuit from the town of Modica, Sicily and contain a surprise ingredient. These biscuits were first

October 27 2011 / Art & Archaeology


Ragusa, Sicily

Folks don’t generally come to Sicily to look at a pile of rocks… although that’s too bad, because they’re missing

October 10 2011 / Art & Archaeology

Looted Treasures Return Home

Aidone, Sicily

If you are on the lookout for stolen treasures, head to the remote town of Aidone in the center of