January 20 2010 / Local Interest

A wedding at Sassinoro

Sassinoro, Campania

While admiring the inside of the church of S. Lucia in Sassinoro, my host Giovanna pointed out the last-minute preparations

December 15 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous

Torre Annunziata, Campania

When asked, “Which archaeological site should I visit, Pompeii or Herculaneum?” I will inevitably answer, “Go to Oplontis!” The patrician

October 13 2009 / Local Interest

Chessboard of Titans

San Giorgio la Molara, Campania

While on a heritage tour with an Italian-American family who had come to meet their Italian relatives, we spent some

July 8 2009 / Local Interest

Elections, Present and Past

Sant'Agata dei Goti

“Under every stone lurks a politician,” wrote Aristophanes is 410 B.C. This was certainly the case in the recent administrative

June 8 2009 / Places

Abbey in the Cave II

Cava de' Tirreni

Continued from part I… Close to a thousand years ago, the “Abbey” was nothing but  Alferius Pappacarbone’s cave dwelling! A

May 26 2009 / Places

The Abbey in the Cave

Cava de' Tirreni

Anna introduced me to a jovial-looking, rotund monk with a broad smile, “This is Don Gennaro, he is the exorcist

March 24 2009 / Food & Wine

Incredible Edible…Weeds

Sant'Agata de' Goti

Caterina was carrying two big plastic bags. I asked her what they were and discovered that she was taking some

February 2 2009 / Food & Wine

This Little Piggy – Part II

Cave di Conca

It started out as a convivial challenge. “I need to find a name for my new product.” Our friend Berardino

January 26 2009 / Food & Wine

A Party for Everyone but the Pig


In December we look forward to visiting with extended families and eating wonderful seasonal recipes. Then it’s time to greet

September 2 2008 / Food & Wine

The Secret Life of Olive Trees


A lot has been said about olives and most of it has to do with extra virginity. So imagine my

June 24 2008 / Local Interest

Italia – Spagna: Grass-Widows

S. Agata dei Goti

For the past ten years our amateur theater group has put on a traditional de Filippo play in Neapolitan dialect,

June 11 2008 / Places

The Roses of Paestum


Paestum was originally called Poseidonia, founded in 600 B.C. as a colony of Magna Grecia (Greater Greece). Its location was

May 27 2008 / Uncategorized

Gardeners Wanted . . Apply Within


Forget for a second that the magnificent Reggia di Caserta (Caserta Palace) was the largest building constructed in the 18th

May 8 2008 / Art & Archaeology

A Roman Amphitheater All to Yourself

S.Maria Capua Vetere

Two thousand three hundred years ago, the Via Appia (or Appian Way) was built to connect Rome with the ancient

May 5 2008 / Local Interest

Bocce: The Game of Kings

S. Agata dei Goti

In the tiny town of S. Agata dei Goti, bocce (pronounced BOH-chay) is my preferred spectator sport. Every afternoon, as

January 21 2008 / Places

1000 Egg Frittata


A very dear but absent-minded friend called the other day to ask if I would accompany him to Padula, a

December 11 2007 / Local Interest

San Marco dei Cavoti and Torrone

San Marco de Cavoti

Since this is the time of year when most Italians start preparing for the challenges of holiday food overload, it

December 5 2007 / Food & Wine

The Mela Annurca


“Why do they do that?” was the question I had when arriving in Italy in November, many years ago. It