July 2 2014 / Events

Art for Heart’s Sake

Assisi, Umbria

Visitors to Assisi may have been surprised recently to find their stroll through this Medieval city, which has become an

June 27 2014 / Art & Archaeology

The Masterpiece at Your Feet

Spoleto, Umbria

This is the second installment in our mini-series of notes on Church floors! When you enter Spoleto’s majestic Duomo (also

May 27 2014 / Local Interest

Glowing in Gubbio: Lusterware Ceramics

Gubbio, Umbria

Gubbio’s artistic ceramic production had its salad days in the 1500s under the direction of Mastro Giorgio Andreoli, who was

December 16 2013 / Food & Wine

Christmas Treats: Cappelletti


Different cultures have unique ways of ringing in the holiday season, and in Umbria ladies across the region gather around

July 31 2013 / Places

l’Eremo di Santa Maria Giacobbe

Pale, Umbria

When you run your eyes along Umbria’s mountain slopes, you will more often than not come across a stone building

June 27 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Hiding in Plain Sight: Citerna’s Donatello

Citerna, Umbria

Announcement: Many thanks to all who are contributing to ItalianNotebook’s ongoing fundraising efforts. It’s heartening to see the reaction of

June 10 2013 / Food & Wine

What’s Brewing in Umbria?


Umbria is hopping the craft beer bandwagon, which took off in the US in the late 1980s and mushroomed in

May 10 2013 / Places

Alviano back in shape..

Madonna del Porto, Umbria

Italy is best known for its art and culture (and, of course, food and wine), but the Bel Paese is

April 9 2013 / Local Interest

The Backyard Farmacista


You can’t take more than a few steps outside the door of any old stone farmhouse in the Umbrian countryside

March 12 2013 / Local Interest

La Bomboniera


Spring in Italy ushers in the season of mild temperatures, blooming flowers, and—inevitably–la ceremonia. Italy is, of course, a traditionally

January 25 2012 / Places

Museo della Memoria

Assisi, Umbria

It’s easy to forget, in this religiously homogeneous land where politics, education, holidays, foods, and given names all seem to

June 30 2011 / Places

Palazzo Sorbello

Perugia, Umbria

We are drawn to the past. We trawl antique stores, visit ruins, and pore over archives… constantly peering through windows

June 10 2011 / Food & Wine

Monte Vibiano

Marsciano, Umbria

Though you would never suspect it, in the bucolic Umbrian countryside there is a revolution going on. Dominating the plain

May 25 2011 / Food & Wine

Gastronomia Andreani

Collepepe, Umbria

If food is Umbria’s heart and soul and the small family-owned business is its backbone, Gastronomia Andreani combines these into

May 11 2011 / Places

Lago di Pilato

Lago di Pilato, Le Marche

If I were to choose one hike to represent Umbria– heart-stopping views, a proximity to fabulous food, and a bit

April 5 2011 / Local Interest

Umbria and Pork


Umbria’s cuisine continues to reflect the poor hunting and farming culture that dominated this region for millenia with its heavy

March 15 2011 / Art & Archaeology

Assisi’s Roman Villas

Assisi, Umbria

Assisi’s imposing basilica dedicated to Saint Francis tends to outshine the rest of the town with its sheer star-power, but

February 25 2011 / Places

San Pietro in Valle

Ferentillo, Umbria

Tucked away among the slopes of Mount Solenne in the dramatic and wild Valnerina lies one of the most beautiful

February 7 2011 / Art & Archaeology

Umbria’s Dragon

Valnerina, Umbria

The dramatic Valnerina–where the crystalline Nera river runs under steep rocky slopes, upon which tiny creche-like stone villages perch precariously–is

December 6 2010 / Local Interest

Studio Moretti Caselli

Perugia, Umbria

One of the best kept secrets in Umbria is hiding in plain sight just steps from the main Corso in

November 12 2010 / Local Interest

Truffle Hunt

Citta' di Castello, Umbria

After decades as a truffle aficionado (read: enthusiastic consumer), I was curious to see real truffle hunters at work. Though

November 2 2010 / Local Interest

Homestyle Vendemmia

Assisi, Umbria

Most small family farms in Umbria have a tiny vineyard just big enough to produce enough rough farmer’s red and

October 13 2010 / Places

The Clitunno Spring

Campello sul Clitunno, Umbria

Salve, Umbria verde, e tu del puro fonte nume Clitumno! Sento in cuor l’antica patria e aleggiarmi su l’accesa fronte