September 30 2010 / Uncategorized

Umbria Underground

Orvieto, Umbria

If there’s one thing humans understood soon after climbing out of the primordial soup, it’s that if you want to

September 14 2010 / Food & Wine



There’s quite a penchant around here for bitter digestive liqueurs made with infusions of vegetables or herbs and spices. All

July 21 2010 / Local Interest

Sant’Emiliano’s Olive Tree

Bovara, Umbria

An olive tree somewhere in Umbria purported to be 1,700 hundred years old? The oldest olive tree in the region?

June 30 2010 / Art & Archaeology

Brozzetti Textiles

Perugia, Umbria

As in the case of an endangered species, the probability of spotting the traditional art of Umbrian weaving in its

June 2 2010 / Events



If you are wakened the last night of April in the Umbrian countryside by the sounds of footsteps on the