February 9 2016 / Events

Carnevale at Acireale

Acireale, Sicilia

Billed as “il piú bel Carnevale di Sicilia”, (the most exciting and fun in all of Sicily), this is purely

February 20 2014 / Places

Crown Jewel of the Madonie

Polizzi Generosa, Sicily

Polizzi Generosa, on the western slopes of the Madonie Mountains attracts hikers, cyclists and skiers to the nature reserve, the

June 19 2012 / Places

The Aboca Museum

Sansepolcro, Tuscany

Definitely worth a visit in Sansepolcro is the Aboca Museum, a treasure trove of information and items related to the

October 21 2010 / Places


Buscemi, Sicily

Buscemi is a little town, spread across a craggy hill about equal distance from Siracusa and Ragusa in southeast Sicily.

October 8 2010 / Art & Archaeology

La Villa Romana del Casale

Piazza Armerina, Sicily

The Roman villa just outside of town here was built in the 4th century as a luxury hunting lodge for

September 24 2010 / Places

Marina di Ragusa

Marina di Ragusa, Sicily

Marina di Ragusa is a seaside village on the southeast coast of Sicily where residents of Ragusa and the surrounding

April 23 2010 / Events

The Assisi Peace March

Perugia & Assisi, Umbria

The March for Peace starts in the center of Perugia, capital city of Umbria, and proceeds to Assisi, the City

January 11 2010 / Events

Il Presepe Vivente

Monterosso Almo, Sicily

On December 26, Monterosso Almo presents Il Presepe Vivente, a live nativity scene. The area around the main piazza is

December 21 2009 / Local Interest

Presepe (Nativity Scene) in Napoli

Naples, Campania

The tradition of sculpting nativity scenes for churches goes back to the early Christians. In the 13th century St. Francis

December 9 2009 / Events

Festa dell’Immacolata

Marina di Vietri, Campania

The Catholic Church teaches that man is cleansed from “original sin” at birth. But in 1854, Pope Pius IX proclaimed

December 3 2009 / Events

Santa Lucia

Siracusa, Sicily

Tradition has it that Santa Lucia was martyred for refusing to give up her faith and is said to have

October 7 2009 / Events

THE Chess Match

Marostica, Veneto

In this tiny medieval city near Verona, on the second weekend of September every even numbered year, a human chess

September 23 2009 / Events


Verona, Veneto

Tocatì (“It’s your turn!” in local dialect), the annual Festival Internazionale dei Giochi in Strada (International Festival of Street Games),

June 12 2009 / Events



Once a year in May or June, in conjunction with the religious feast of Corpus Domini, the festival of L’Infiorata

May 29 2009 / Events

Festa San Giorgio

Ragusa Ibla

Ragusa and Ragusa Ibla are two halves of the same city, with Ragusa Superiore the “modern” part and Ragusa Ibla,

May 15 2009 / Events

Festa dei Ceri


At dawn, drumming softly through quiet streets, Ceraioli arrive to awaken their captains and the Festa dei Ceri begins. Later,

May 7 2009 / Events



In a city best known as the birthplace of St. Francis, where religious pilgrims flock, this spectacular event traces its

April 24 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Rocca Paolina


Can you imagine a foreign ruler tearing down a fourth of your city and building in its place a big

April 10 2009 / Events

Good Friday


On Good Friday the men and boys of each confraternita (charitable religious brotherhood) depart from their particular church wearing different

March 19 2009 / Events

Festa di San Giuseppe

Marina di Ragusa

After Mass, on today’s Festa di San Giuseppe, a marching band leads the faithful through the town stopping at homes

March 11 2009 / Local Interest

Piano, Piano


In Italian this expression means “slowly, slowly, one step at a time.” Having a piano delivered to a third floor