March 30 2011 / Local Interest

Miss Italia

Stresa, Piemonte

It was 1946, just after the war, and Italians badly needed a pick-me-up. So it was decided to hold a

February 16 2011 / Local Interest

Looking for Love in Verona

Verona, Veneto

Once upon a time, many years ago, a young man and a young woman lived in Verona, Italy. His name

February 2 2011 / Places

Tranquil, Tiny Lago Mergozzo

Mergozzo, Piemonte

From the top of Mt. Mottarone in northern Piemonte one can see seven lakes. The largest is Lago Maggiore, second

July 14 2010 / Places

Castelli di Cannero

Lago Maggiore, Piemonte

Just a stone’s throw off the shore of Lago Maggiore, near the town of Cannero and only few kilometers from

February 24 2010 / Places

Santa Caterina del Sasso

Leggiuno, Lombardia

The proper way to arrive at l’Eremo di Santa Caterina del Sasso (the Hermitage of Saint Catherine of the Rock)

January 29 2010 / Food & Wine

Fil da Fer

Piedimulera, Piemonte

The winters in the north of Italy are long and cold, and the mountain people who lived there, although hearty

November 6 2009 / Places

Villa Taranto

Verbania, Piemonte

Although Villa Taranto is impressive in April, when 40,000 tulips are in bloom, it is at the end of the

October 21 2009 / Art & Archaeology

The Shell Grotto

Isola Bella, Lago Maggiore

Of the many wondrous sights to see on Isola Bella, one of the most wondrous of all is the shell

September 16 2009 / Places

The Duomo Roof Top

Milan, Lombardia

Now that the scaffolding is down and the renovation and cleaning are complete, you can once again finally climb the

June 26 2009 / Places

The Big Guy


Locals call him Carlone, (big Carlo, pronounced Car-low-nayh), and for over 200 years his statue, on a hilltop in Arona,

April 21 2009 / Places

Isola dei Pescatori

Lago Maggiore

Its full name is Isola Superiore dei Pescatori, but that name is too big for this small, very small, piccolissima