February 12 2010 / Food & Wine

Maaaa-rvelous goat cheese

Vesime, Piemonte

Feeling like everyone is out to get your goat? Well, you’ve seen nothing yet! It’s time to take a drive

October 5 2009 / Events


Bra, Piemonte

Does Robiola make you weak in the knees?  Would you give your last euro for a sliver of aged Parmagiano

September 11 2009 / Food & Wine

It’s All About the Cookies

Mombaruzzo, Piemonte

Think Amaretti. What comes to mind? Crispy wafers wrapped in wax paper from Saronno? Think again. In Piemonte, we wrap

July 30 2009 / Food & Wine

Forteto Vineyard

Loazzolo, Piemonte

“Well, you know, every farm needs a tractor. And Amadeus is ours,” said Giovanni Scaglione as he walked us around