July 25 2011 / Local Interest

Making Shade

Porano, Umbria

-We are republishing this note in fond memory of Lisa Finerty, friend first and foremost, and ItalianNotebook contributor. Our thoughts

October 20 2008 / Art & Archaeology

Villa Torlonia’s Gardens


Perhaps no one wanted to have anything to do with it given its final tenant (Mussolini called it home in

July 31 2008 / Art & Archaeology

Master of his Domain


Gian Lorenzo Bernini was the Brad Pitt of his age. A handsome sculptor, painter, architect and playwright (with at least

July 7 2008 / Local Interest

Cloister of Sant’Onofrio


At the top of a small stairs climbing the Gianicolo Hill is a lovely off the beaten path sanctuary-now-church. The

July 1 2008 / Places

Grande Sky Country?

Castelluccio, Umbria

Italy is not commonly associated with the “big sky” look of unlimited vistas, so the Piano Grande (Big Plain) of

November 16 2007 / Art & Archaeology

A Secret Roman Garden


The Room of Livia, built at the beginning of the Empire, is one of the great indoor spaces of ancient

October 31 2007 / Art & Archaeology

Opera Bosco an Unconventional Pleasure


A visit to OperaBosco, a team-building sculpture workshop, is an unconventional pleasure. This living museum in northern Lazio advocates use

October 29 2007 / Art & Archaeology

The Castrense Amphitheater


Emperor Septimius Severus, who ruled Rome between 193 and 221 A. D., built his residence in what is now the

October 25 2007 / Local Interest

A Stone-Carved Town

Calcata, Lazio

This medieval “rock-top” town just 30 minutes north of Rome, attracted its current 100 or so residents from all over