January 22 2014 / Places

Bustling Catania Fish Market

Catania, Sicily

Located at the tip of Italy’s ‘boot’ and surrounded by the Mediterranean and Ionian Seas, Catania is a wide-spread city

December 2 2013 / Local Interest

Traverse as the Venetian Locals Do

Venice, Veneto

Venice is a popular tourist destination in Italy, as it has many wonderful sights to see. There’s the fabulous Piazza

March 8 2012 / Places

Roaming in Rome

Rome, Italy

Rome is a land of hills, cobbled stones, and uneven pavements which can wreak havoc on your feet. One of

July 13 2010 / Local Interest

Burano Reflections

Burano, Veneto

Burano, located just 30 minutes by vaporetto (water bus) from the Fondamenta Nuove stop in Venice, is a delightful island

February 17 2010 / Food & Wine

A Taste of Local Wines

Venezia, Veneto

What could be more Italian than some wine as an aperitivo before dinner or a glass with your meal? While

September 17 2009 / Art & Archaeology

A Walk Through Time

Rome, Lazio

Rome is a city with a pulse. It’s crowded with tourists moving from sight to sight, trying to see ‘Rome

July 22 2009 / Food & Wine

Bologna “La Grassa”


Bologna is a beautiful, old city, not to be missed, not only because of its great sights, but also because

May 22 2009 / Places


Ravenna, Emilia Romagna

Tired of the “big three”… Rome, Florence, Venice? Ravenna, known for its fabulous Byzantine mosaics, is a hidden gem not

March 26 2009 / Food & Wine

The Splendors of Italian Markets


One of the most rewarding experiences you can have in Italy is to visit the local food markets. Each display