July 29 2016 / Events

Matera’s Longest Day

Matera, Basilicata

July 2 is dubbed ‘the longest day’ in the stone city of Matera. Located in the southern region of Basilicata,

May 25 2016 / Food & Wine

Addictive Peperoni Cruschi

Senise, Basilicata

On our first foray into Lucania (the region of Basilicata, which locals still refer to by its ancient name) we

March 29 2016 / Local Interest

Fly Like An Angel!

Castelmezzano, Basilicata

If you wonder what it’s like to fly with the angels, you can find out in Basilicata’s high-wire zip line

March 1 2016 / Events

The Bandits of Brindisi Montagna

Brindisi di Montagna, Basilicata

In a huge open-air, natural amphitheatre below the town of Brindisi Montagna, Il Parco Storico La Grancia is a multi-venue

February 5 2016 / Places

Aliano and Carlo Levi

Aliano, Basilicata

Aliano seems to bask in its infamy. Seventy years ago it had been a typical peasant village in remote southern

January 13 2016 / Local Interest

The Ceramicist of Calvello

Calvello, Basilicata

Rocco Gallicchio is a soft-spoken guy. His eyes flit embarrassedly when paid a compliment and his hands seem to have

November 10 2015 / Local Interest

The Last Mule of Anzi

Anzi, Basilicata

The old traditions are what we find so appealing about Italy.  Things have changed in modern times, that is certain,

October 9 2015 / Places

Castelmezzano Cuddles the Crags

Castelmezzano, Basilicata

Cradled in the rocks among the jutting peaks of the Dolomiti Lucane, Castelmezzano leaves you breathless. The first glimpse of

July 29 2015 / Places

The Primeval Beauty of Basilicata


Ed.’s note – We published a number of great notes by Valerie when she lived in La Marche, and are

February 12 2009 / Events

Burning Down the Town?


If you happen upon the Piceno hill town of Castignano on Martedí Grasso (Fat Tuesday), you might think the perfectly

December 18 2008 / Places

Costa dei Trabocchi


Rustic, rickety-looking structures perch precariously over the water, resembling giant wooden crabs emerging from the sea. Called trabocchi, they are

December 1 2008 / Places

Pretty in Pink

Ascoli Piceno

On Ascoli Piceno’s much beloved Piazza del Popolo rests the grand dame of the city’s meeting places, the Caffè Meletti.

November 10 2008 / Food & Wine

Have your Pecorino and drink it too!


On the steep hillsides north of Ascoli Piceno you’ll find a heritage grape native only to this area. The uva

October 17 2008 / Places

Fairest of Them All?

Ascoli Piceno

What does it take to wow an Italian into proclaiming a piazza to be one of Italy’s most beautiful? Step

October 6 2008 / Local Interest

Along the Sheep Trail

Le Marche

High in a mountain valley south of Ascoli Piceno you’ll find solitude, cool air, and the relics of a bygone