September 16 2008 / Food & Wine

Hospitality (and Wine) in Bertinoro


Back when wine was drunk out of wooden cups, the daughter of Emperor Teodosio, Galla Placidia, was visiting her father’s

July 3 2008 / Food & Wine

Formaggio di Fossa

Sogliano al Rubicone

Formaggio di Fossa, literally “pit cheese”, is now a well known delicacy from Romagna . . but few know that

June 26 2008 / Food & Wine



Poverty stricken Romagna has been under the rule of many different conquerors over time. As part of the Papal state

June 10 2008 / Food & Wine

La Piadina Romagnola


The Piadina is simply an unleavened flatbread typical of Romagna, the seaside area around Bologna. The rolled dough is traditionally

May 22 2008 / Local Interest

Museo della Marineria


A small seaside town on the Adriatic coast of Italy, Cesenatico hosts quite a unique museum. In 1502 Leonardo da