March 13 2015 / Places

Scandal in Posillipo

Naples, Campania

Queen Joanna II (1373 – 1435) lived in troubled times. Her series of court favourites and lovers was embroidered in

October 31 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Drain Away

Napoli, Campania

Puozza scula’… possibly, at the same time, one of the most colorful and most disturbing Neapolitan insults that one can

February 28 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Le Madri

Capua, Campania

Tucked halfway down a narrow street, the Museo Campano di Capua houses mosaics, medieval paintings, and funerary epigraphs of the

February 6 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Capua’s Mithreaum

Capua, Campania

The ancient Romans had as many gods as there were people and if you visit the Capua amphitheater, make sure

January 16 2013 / Places

The English Cemetery in Naples

Napoli, Campania

For centuries expats have enthusiastically lived in Italy. When they died, however, they often needed a place of final rest

September 17 2012 / Art & Archaeology

Lost Body Parts

Napoli, Campania

Neapolitans seem to have a thing for uninterred body parts. At the Duomo, for example, the bones of patron saint

April 16 2012 / Events

The City of Miracles

Naples, Campania

Neapolitan locals will tell you it’s true. In Naples, you can witness two miracles and even ask for a personal

January 15 2010 / Food & Wine

Caffe’ al bacio

Naples, Campania

Neapolitan baristi (bartenders, as in at a cafe’) have an infinite number of twists on your traditional caffé. In Piazza

July 29 2009 / Places

The Entrance to Hades

Lago d'Averno, Campania

The Entrance to Hades exists, according to Carlo Santillo, a tour guide for the Grotta della Sibilla. Hidden along a

June 25 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Capua Amphitheater

S.Maria Capua Vetere

Italian schoolchildren learn that the “fleshpots of Capua” defeated Hannibal because the opulent lifestyle in the city made the Carthaginians