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These are the wonderful and extremely knowledgeable people who have chosen to share their love for Italy on Italian Notebook.

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  • GB

    - Chief, Cook, & Bottlewasher


    GB launched ItalianNotebook with the objective of taking his dual insider/outsider perspective on Italy to the web. He is honored to have so many great contributors on board (. . thank you all!), and is looking forward to adding exciting new features to the site. Born in Germany, raised in France and Italy, both a US and Italian citizen, he studied at Penn in Philadelphia, and now lives in Rome again.

  • Anita Iaconangelo

    - Tour planner, writer, plumber

    Anita Iaconangelo

    A resident in Italy since 1988, Anita spent many winters in Tuscany tinkering with malfunctioning heating systems and considers herself an expert on Italian furnace parts. In January 1992, a visit to Sicily with lunch outdoors was the spark to move south, and she now lives near Modica in the province of Ragusa.
    Anita organizes walking and culinary tours in many areas of Italy, with a special focus on Sicily, a place that still inspires a great sense of discovery. She loves long walks, eating good simple food, and passionate people. Anita is the owner of Italian Connection Tours and writes the blog Anita’s Italy.  She is currently at work on a book entitled Savoring Sicily: A Culinary Quest.

  • Anna Merulla

    - Liguria expert and tour planner

    Anna Merulla

    Anna is from Genoa and is the founder of Beautiful Liguria. Since 2009 she decided that she would love to share her personal knowledge of the beauty, the culture, and the history in which she’s immersed every day with anyone who loves Italy and wants to discover Liguria. So, she started Beautiful Liguria.

    She offers tour planning and travel concierge services to assist visitors to the region with both the practical aspects of their travels as well as with discovering the beauty, the culture, the cuisine and the ancient history of Liguria by offering her unique expertise and insight. www.beautiful-liguria.com

  • Anne Robichaud

    - Authorized Umbria Guide, Cooking Class Teacher

    Anne Robichaud

    An authorized Umbrian tour guide, Anne and her husband Pino worked the land for many years in the 1970’s so rural life, rural people, rural cuisine are una passione for her. See Umbria from “the inside”: join her May 2017 ten-day tour centered on discovering Umbria, Anne’s Umbria.

    See www.annesitaly.com for more on her Umbria tours. Do see www.stayassisi.com for news on the Assisi apartment – and Assisi countryside guest house – she and Pino now rent out.

    Anne writes frequently on Umbria and other areas of Italy. Read about her annual U.S. Feb/Mar cooking classes and lectures, as well as her numerous Italy insights on her blog.

  • Barbara Goldfield

    - Travel Consultant

    Barbara Goldfield

    Barbara came to Rome with her family in 1961 and in 1965 her parents opened the Economy Book Center, a new and used paperback bookstore on the Spanish Steps. She grew up in Italy, and worked for many years as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. From 1982 she worked as managing director of the family business until the end of 2004 when the bookstore closed definitevely. She now lives with her husband Federico and their german shepherd Sabra in Sant’Agata dei Goti where they run their travel consultancy www.savourthesannio.com

  • Barbara Zaragoza

    - Writer, Naples Expert

    Barbara is author of several books, including "The Espresso Break: Tours and Nooks of Naples, Italy and Beyond" available on Amazon.com in print as well as Kindle versions.

    Bonnie Alberts, Penny Ewles-Bergeron and Barbara have teamed up to create a new Naples travel guide, the Napoli Unplugged Guide to Naples. See all their articles at napoliunplugged.com or order the book at partenopepress.com.

  • Cherrye Moore

    - Southern Italy Travel Specialist

    Cherrye Moore

    Cherrye Moore is owner/founder of My Bella Vita Travel, a boutique tour operator specializing in custom vacations and heritage tours in southern Italy.

    Join her in June or September for the Small Group Heritage Tour of Calabria - a unique small group tour that combines group travel with a private heritage tour to your ancestral village, or in September for the Undiscovered Southern Calabria and Eastern Sicily Tour.

    Traveling independently? We can help you design that once-in-a-lifetime custom vacation to southern Italy.


  • Christine Mitchell

    - Restaurant owner, anchovy lover, blogger

    Christine Mitchell

    Christine Mitchell finished up her Master's Degree in Food Studies and Culture at New York University and packed up her city life for a little slice of paradise. Within a few months of moving to Monterosso al Mare, she saw the tiny seaside village destroyed in the devastating flood of October 25, 2011, then come together with an incredible determination and spirit to rebuild.  Having seen a village go through so much and a community come together in such a short period of time cemented her admiration and love of Monterosso al Mare and its residents.  Working at her boyfriend's restaurant, La Cantina Di Miky, she learns more about Ligurian cuisine every day (his father is Chef Miky, and his family has had Ristorante Miky in the village for over 30 years).  A certified Cicerone beer server, she loves trying new Italian craft beers and explaining Italy's other great beverage.  She also works for Bella Vita Italia (www.bellavitaitalia.com), a boutique tour company that designs tailor made vacations with an emphasis on food and culture in Italy.  You can follow her adventures on her blog, www.lifeinliguria.blogspot.com, and you can follow Monterosso's continued progress on www.rebuildmonterosso.com.

  • Colleen Simpson

    - Innkeeper, Storyteller, Vineyard Enthusiast

    Colleen Simpson

    Colleen owns L'Antica Vetreria (www.anticavetreria.net) a villa and self-catering apartments in the medieval glassmaking village of Piegaro. Colleen and her husband, Tom, fell in love with Umbria on their Luna di Miele (honeymoon), in 1994. They purchased the vast abandoned glass factory in 2004 and, after a massive renovation; they opened in 2008 to share authentic Italian village life with visitors. Now they live permanently in Piegaro and welcome guests from over twenty countries. Colleen is passionate about life in Umbria, her vine in the historic Vigna Lorenzo, the food, the culture and most of all, the people. She often posts here.

  • Context Travel

    - The Experience of Place

    Context Travel was founded in Rome, Italy in 2002 as a collaborative of architects, art historians, archeologists, cooks, sommeliers and other specialists who organize and lead small-group walking seminars. We have subsequently grown and expanded to Florence, Venice, Naples, Paris, London, New York and Istanbul.

    We draw on the tremendous breadth of expertise that our scholars possess to craft exceptional experiences in our cities. In addition, Context is committed to a high level of cultural, social and environmental responsibility within our programs and beyond. For more information regarding Context and our programs, visit our website www.contexttravel.com.

  • Dana Kaplan

    - Freelance copy editor, proofreader, writer

    Dana Kaplan

    Dana uses the charming lakefront city of Stresa, on Lago Maggiore, as her headquarters in Italy from which to discover the beauty, foods, and wines of the region. She writes her observations in a blog, Stresa Sights, which she hopes is a help to all who want to visit the area.

    Dana ha scelto Stresa, bella città sulle sponde del lago Maggiore come sua base in Italia dalla quale viaggia per scoprire le bellezze, il cibo ed il vino di tutta la regione. Lei scrive le sue osservazioni su un blog, StresaSights, che spera sia utile a tutti coloro che vorranno visitare quest’area.

    Visit Dana and Stresa at: www.stresasights.blogspot.com

  • Diana Baur

    - Innkeeper, Potter, Writer

    Diana lives in the southwest corner of Piemonte, Italy. She and her husband Michael gave up the corporate game to renovate an old farm in a beautiful Romanesque spa town called Acqui Terme. Together with Michael she runs the Baur B&B, throws pots in her studio and writes regularly for on-line travel websites as well as her on blog, creativestructures.blogspot.com. You can find her B&B at www.baurbb.com.

  • Douglas Morris

    - Author

    Douglas E. Morris is the author of Open Road’s Best of Italy, Florence Made Easy, Rome Made Easy, and Venice Made Easy. He has lived in Italy for over ten years and currently resides in Viterbo. You can contact the author through his website: www.TheItalyGuide.com.

  • Eleonora Baldwin

    - Food & wine connoisseur, freelance writer, foodie vacation specialist

    Lives in Rome with her 9-year-old son, leading gourmands on delicious culinary adventures, and currently editing her Italian cookbook/lifestyle manuscript. Eleonora is the author/editor of 4 popular weblogs:

    Agilo, Olio e Peperoncino a food/lifestyle blog which focuses on Italian cuisine, food history, travel musings and local hang-outs.

    Rome City Guide for Kids, useful tool for first-time visitors, and expats living in Rome with children.

    Forchettine, written in Italian; a food-lover’s online guide in which the author reviews restaurant, pizzeria, cafes and spotlights regional specialties in Italy.

    Roma Every Day, an (almost) daily photo-essay of the Eternal City.

  • Elizabeth Anderson

    - Photographer, Pilot, Attorney

    Elizabeth Anderson
    I’ve always been keenly interested in travel and it’s rare to see me without a camera when I’m on the road. Having lived in the Washington DC metro area for nearly 20 years I am now almost a native, and while I am a traveler and photographer by heart, I am an attorney by trade. In my next life I plan to be a full-time photographer and spend a lot more time in Italy. You can enjoy more of my photography here: www.compassrosegalleries.com.

  • Enrica Frulla

    - Freelance Translator and Event Planner

    Enrica Frulla

    Enrica was born in Italy, raised in the United States and is now living in Senigallia, on the coast of the beautiful Le Marche region. A marketing consultant in a past life, Enrica is now a freelance translator. Recently, her creativity and passion for telling people what to do has also  "translated" into an event planning business. www.besteventlab.com

  • Evanne Brandon-Diner

    - Writer, Artist

    Evanne Brandon-Diner

    Evanne Brandon Diner has spent the past five years trying to uncover the real history of her village’s patron saint. In the meantime, she feels she’s been reborn as a violinist, painter and chroniclier of local village life in Northern Lazio. Born in Boston, she and her husband lived in San Francisco for many years before moving to Italy in 2002. For information about how to buy or restore property or settle into Central Italy like a native, or just to peruse Evanne’s journal, visit their website at www.lavventuraitalia.com.

  • Giulia Bernardini

    - Art Historian, University Instructor, Seminar leader

    Giulia Bernardini

    Giulia, an instructor of art history and humanities at the University of Colorado, Boulder, is the founder of WONDERFEAST, dedicated to providing art aficionados with unique artistic and cultural experiences in Italy and beyond.

    Join Giulia for Sensuality and Splendor, an on-site art history seminar in Rome, Italy, from June 10-17, 2016.

    ItalianNotebook readers who sign up by Friday, April 15th receive a 5% discount!

  • Giuseppe Spano

    - Mi diletto nel popolo italiano

    Giuseppe Spano

    ItalianNotebook reader, The joys of Italia’

  • Gretchen Bloom

    - UN Senior Advisor, Central Italy Expert

    Gretchen Bloom

    Gretchen is an Italian Notebook reader, Central Italy expert, and a recent Senior Advisor at the UN’s World Food Program as well as head of WFP’s Programme Unit in Kabul, Afghanistan, for 15 months. Expert in gender issues and community health.

  • Gyneth Sick

    - Supermom, Editor

    Gyneth Sick

    Gyneth has lived in Rome longer than anywhere else in the world, and still doesn’t want to leave. Her office is on Piazza Navona -- she edits the English version of ASPENIA, Aspen Institute Italia’s highly regarded journal on international affairs -- and she never gets over the beauty of her surroundings. She also plays the blues! The Bucket Band has been playing lively R&B around Rome for years. BRASS OFF !! does funk, soul, New Orleans R&B, ska ... A guaranteed good time for all.


  • Jean Tori

    - Artist and Designer

    Jean Tori

    English by birth and Italian by marriage, after living 30 years in Asia, we moved to the Upper Tiber Valley in Umbria after discovering and renovating a group of farmhouses. After 15 years this is definitely home now, where I paint (www.jeantoriartwork.com) and will soon be setting up a design company (www.jeantoridesign.com).

  • John Seybold

    - History teacher, Photographer, Tour Book Writer

    John Seybold

    John has been teaching in Madera, California, for over 30 years. He studied in Rome for 2 summers and has traveled to Italy many times before and since. John’s main focus while traveling in Italy is to enjoy the culture, the people and the sites. Growing up as a non-Italian in an Italian Neighborhood in Sacramento, John got his first taste for Italian food and friendliness. As he nears the close of his teaching career, John is looking to be a contributor to tour or guide books with either his writing or photos. You can see some of his great work at www.seybolds-place.blogspot.com

  • Katharina Alles-Trauttmansdorff

    - Specialist for holiday rentals on historical Estates in Italy

    Katharina Alles-Trauttmansdorff

    Katharina left her homeland of Austria for Italy at the age of 18 and landed a job working on the wine estates in Chianti, where she was enchanted by the people and their traditions. Estate owners asked her for advice on how to welcome foreign visitors and spread the word about their vineyards. She realized a business opportunity in the making and opened Trust&Travel vacation rental agency in 1992. Twenty years later she still loves Italy, has cultivated many friendships and has a thriving business, but the most rewarding part is sharing the genuine hospitality and traditions of Italy with others. Her blog Come Inside the Villa gives inside glimpses to the people, lifestyle, art, and culture of the estates she represents.

  • Katja Meier

    - Life coach, Tuscany blogger and beach hut builder

    Katja Meier

    Katja Meier, is an ex-actress gone olive picker gone life coach, who lives with her Tuscan native and their two kids right next to a splendid olive grove. As a true Swiss, she insists on dragging family and friends on foot through the Tuscan hills, but also enjoys the more lay-back perks of life in Tuscany (food and wine, Renaissance art, summer festivals, fabulous beaches and national parks). She writes about the lot of it on her Map It Out - blogs, which focus on Southern Tuscany in general, and Siena and Montalcino in particular.

  • Lee McIntyre

    - Freelance writer and photographer

    Lee McIntyre

    Lee is an American expat living in Bolzano/Bozen, Italy, taking a break from her high-tech career (as an award-winning software designer) while working on her Italian language skills and enjoying the freedom to pursue her passion for photography. Lee has published a book of one of her photos projects, A Year of One a Days. Look for her blog about life in Bolzano/Bozen coming soon.

  • Lenora Spatafore Boyle

    - Italy Retreat Travel Guide, Life Coach, Blogger

    Lenora is a happiness and beliefs expert who guides women into la dolce vita, the sweet life, each year through her popular Italy Retreat for Women to Live La Dolce Vita. A Sweet Life coach for 23 years, Lenora sets an irresistible stage for colorful travel adventures and transformational workshops in Tuscany and the Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera and in the US. Through her travel and coaching programs, she combines her passion for all things Italian with her life's work of helping women to live happy empowered lives through all of life's transitions. You'll find her on her two blogs,  www.ItalyRetreatForWomen.com and BeHappyLifeCoach.com and on her website http://www.changelimitingbeliefs.com.

  • Lisa Finnerty

    - Garden Expert

    Lisa Finnerty

    Founder of Secret Gardens Italy, www.SecretGardensItaly.com, a tour company of the grand and historic Italian gardens, and www.yourgardenshow.com, a social network for gardeners.

  • Madeline Jhawar

    - Itinerary Designer, Travel Consultant

    Madeline Jhawar is the owner of Italy Beyond the Obvious, and creates Italy itineraries for independent travelers.

  • Marian Watson-Virga

    - British by birth, Sicilian by marriage

    Marian has lived in Sicily for longer than she can remember. British by birth, Sicilian by marriage she loves all things Sicilian, even pani ca’ meusa!   For the past few years she has been collaborating with Carmelina Ricciardello of www.sicilianexperience.com, developing responsible tourism and discovering Sicily on walking and car tours. Marian's blog page is here.

  • Mary Jane Cryan

    - Author, Historian, Cruise Ship Lecturer

    Mary Jane Cryan

    A resident in Italy for half a century, Mary Jane writes for Italian and English magazines, guidebooks, and has authored several books on Italian history and central Italy. Check her award winning website ElegantEtruria  and blog 50YearsInItaly for more information and stories about central Italy.

    Mary Jane's latest book Etruria Storie e Segreti in Italian and in full color, was recently published. Signed copies of all her books can be ordered directly from her website www.elegantetruria.com .

  • Maryanne Maggio Hanisch

    - Teacher, Artist

    Maryanne retired from teaching school in June 2014 after 34 years of service in the Butler school district.  Most of her career was spent as Teacher of the Gifted & Talented. Maryanne has been involved with local church and municipal endeavors, and was a contributor to her town’s updated history book: Butler, NJ – In Story and Pictures (Centennial Edition, 1901- 2001).  She travels frequently with her husband, son, and anyone looking for fun and memories.  Maryanne is now pursuing her second career (and first passions) of painting, illustrating, and writing.

  • Michelle Fabio

    - Writer, Blogger, Attorney

    Michelle Fabio is a freelance writer who has lived in her ancestors’ village in Calabria, the toe of the boot, since 2003. A licensed attorney, Michelle has written for America’s oldest daily legal newspaper, Philadelphia’s Legal Intelligencer, International Living, Transitions Abroad, Create Magazine, Women’s Independent Press, and LegalZoom.com. You can read more about Michelle, her writing, Calabrian fiancé Paolo, two adorable trilingual (English, Italian, Calabrese) dogs Luna and Stella, and experiments in the kitchen at Bleeding Espresso.

  • Monica Pileggi

    - Contract Specialist, Photographer and Traveler

    Born in Spain and growing up in Central America, the Far East and Hawaii, Monica has a passion for traveling and photography. Her travels to Italy, France, Greece, Germany, and most recently China, are experiences that she willingly and enthusiastically shares with a large group of travel enthusiasts. You can view the photographs that documents her travel impressions on

  • Normanno Ross

    - TV Producer, Special Events Organiser, Romaphile

    Normanno Ross

    Norman Ross is an avowed Romaphile. He first traveled to Rome in 1975 to produce and direct a musical documentary about the Holy Year for a major New York City TV station. During his TV career, he was honored to win two EMMY’s among his many other awards. Since moving to Rome in 1996, he has been associated with one of Italy’s top Destination Management Company creating Incentive Programs and Business Meetings for major American companies. In this endeavor, he has produced special events in every part of Italy, ranging from a private after-hours cocktail reception and visit of the Vatican Museum, to wine-tasting in the Chianti region, to grape-stomping in Rome, and a private dinner in front of the statue of David.

  • Orna O'Reilly

    - Writer, blogger, traveller

    Orna is a former interior designer who practised in South Africa, Mozambique and Ireland Now writing full time, she moved from Ireland to the Veneto area of Italy in 2013.

    Orna blogs about Italy (at Ornasite) and is currently writing a novel set in Venice. You can follow her tweets @OrnaOR, and her Travel & Design page on FB.

  • Pat Carney

    - Retired psychotherapist, Grandmother

    Pat Carney

    Pat is a retired psychotherapist and grandmother of 6 who divides her time between Cambridge UK and Campiglia Marittima. She has been in love with the area of Populonia for 40 years.

  • Patricia Glee Smith

    - Artist, Archeaologist

    Patricia Glee Smith

    Patricia has lived in Italy for many years, first Torino, then Rome, and now in Otricoli, a beautiful medieval village in Umbria, in the Tiber valley. She, her husband Giangi, and their Turkish cat, have chosen Otricoli for its peace and quiet, important for her and her artwork (painting, illustration, etchings, etc.) You can see her artwork on her website. Besides her art, she also regularly works on archaeological expeditions in Turkey, the Yemen and Tibet.

  • Penny Ewles-Bergeron

    - Writer, Artist

    Penny Ewles-Bergeron

    Penny is the English half of an Anglo-American couple who met through an advert in Private Eye. Their love affair with Italy began with a honeymoon in San Gimignano. After enjoying Naples for 7 years and Lisbon for just 1 Penny returned to England but is destined always to yearn for Italy, caffè and the moon over Vesuvius. She wrote and published a children’s guide to the city of Cambridge, England, and a selection of her paintings may be seen here. She edited Barbara Zaragoza's The Espresso Break and assisted both Barbara and Bonnie Alberts by editing and contributing to the award-winning Napoli Unplugged Guide to Naples, published 2015. A hyper-active Twitterata, she tweets as @ABroadBrush.

  • Rebecca Bell

    - Writer, Communication Consultant

    A published writer and communications consultant based currently in Italy, with more than eleven years of marketing and promotions experience. Specializing in creative solutions that support bottom-line objectives, she served as public relations director for an upscale retailer and as director of communications for a business-to-business service provider before perusing freelance writing.

  • Rebecca Winke

    - Innkeeper, Travel Writer

    Rebecca Winke

    Rebecca moved to Italy from Chicago in 1993 and shortly thereafter opened an agriturismo in a renovated farmhouse at the foot of Mount Subasio near Assisi, Umbria. She spends her time taking care of guests at Brigolante, blogging about the lovely region she now calls home at Rebecca’s Ruminations, and wondering about what strange winds blew an urban vegetarian to a farm in Umbria.

  • Rita Perrotta

    - Chef, Cooking School Owner

    Rita Perrotta
    Rita is a trained chef who founded a Casa di Rita, a cooking school on the outskirts of Rome that specializes in Italian home cooking. A Casa di Rita is located on the Etruscan grounds of Le Sette Fonti, a unique property with incredible gardens (lakes, springs, natural amphitheater cut into the tuff, woods, sculptures, etc.) that is perfect for seminars, retreats, and events.

  • Roberto Civetta

    - Art and Antique Restoration Specailist

    Roberto Civetta
    Roberto Civetta restores artwork and antiques for a living, and is incredibly grateful for the chance to work on some of the greatest fresco, oil, stone, and architectural masterpieces that Italy has to offer. More info available at www.civettaroberto.com

  • Rosemary and Bob Connelly

    - Writer/watercolorist, and Photographer

    Rosemary and Bob Connelly

    For two years, Rosemary, a watercolorist with Italian roots and her husband Bob, a photographer, lived in Italy, renting small, furnished apartments in four different regions. They amassed over 30,000 photographs and hundreds of watercolor journal paintings from favorite travel destinations like Rome, Florence, Venice and Naples, to less visited cities off the beaten path in Umbria, the Veneto, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast. Visit their website www.livecheapmakeart.com to see more of their travel art. (All text and images © Rosemary and Bob Connelly)

  • Sharri Whiting

    - Writer, speaker, olive grower

    Sharri Whiting

    Sharri writes about food, wine and international travel from Umbria, where she and her husband grow olives. She lectures on Mediterranean cruises and formerly co-directed a program in Italy for Simmons College (Boston). Sharri is working to produce an e-book about Americans buried in the Old Protestant Burying Ground (Cimitero Acattolica) in Rome. She has written two books, one about Rome and the other on the culture of Namibia, where she travels extensively. In addition to articles, she writes a blog,  UmbriaBella. Her app, Olive Oil IQ , is a portable encyclopedia for foodies and culinary travelers (iTunes & Android). Follow her on Twitter: @umbriabella and @oliveoiliq. Facebook: www.facebook.com/UmbriaBella, and www.facebook.com/oliveoiliq

  • Stef Smulders

    - B&B owner, Travel Writer and Consultant

    Stef Smulders

    Stef Smulders is a Dutch expat, since 2008 living the dolce vita in the Oltrepò Pavese wine region, an undiscovered area 50 km south of Milan.

    With his husband Nico and dog Joia he runs B&B Villa I Due Padroni (www.duepadroni.i), in the hills in a panoramic position of the Oltrepò. They share their love for this incredible region with their guests, providing travel info, route itineraries, culinary arrangements, guided tours of wine producers, and cooking classes.

    Stef has just completed his first book about his experiences in Italy during the first few years, Living in Italy: the Real Deal.

  • Tom Weber

    - Travel Writer, Foodie, Photographer

    A seasoned print and broadcast journalist, with well-worn passports that have gotten him in and out of 48 countries and counting, Tom is credentialed by the International Travel Writers Alliance, hosts the eclectic online travel/food & wine/photography blog ThePalladianTraveler.com, and is a regular contributor to Los Angeles-based travel publication TravelingBoy.com.

    Tom has a creative eye behind the camera and is a graphic storyteller.  Be on the lookout for his dispatches, postmarked from his creative hideaway somewhere in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy, as he "meanders along the cobblestone to somewhere."

  • Toni DeBella

    - Tennis player and Trouble-Maker

    Toni DeBella

    Toni DeBella is a freelance writer living in Orvieto,. Her blog, Orvieto or Bust, is a collection of stories of a life in Italy.

  • Valerie Schneider

    - Writer, Genealogy Researcher, Cappuccino drinker, Perpetual language student

    Valerie Schneider

    Valerie is a travel writer left the High Desert of New Mexico and returned to her Italian roots.  She lives in a hilltop hamlet in Basilicata where she selflessly samples local delicacies and visits hidden havens for the sake of travel writing and trip planning.  With many years experience in the travel industry, she keeps her eyes open for those hidden gems and interesting sights.  She and her husband operate My Bella Basilicata to offer genealogy research and trip planning assistance to this little-known region.  She previously lived in Le Marche.  

  • Vanessa DellaPasqua

    - Culinary Travel Service Planner, Entrepreneur

    Vanessa DellaPasqua is the founder of Global Epicurean (www.globalepicurean.com), a bespoke travel services provider that focuses on culinary trips. Global Epicurean also publishes Italy in SF (www.italyinsf.com), a directory of everything Italian in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Born and raised in the culinary paradise of Romagna, in Italy, she grew up in the hotel and restaurants that were the family business. Her core passions are food and travel – that’s how Global Epicurean was born. In particular, Vanessa’s interest resides in exploring cooking as an expression of culture.

    Vanessa holds a Masters from Bologna University and an MBA from the Haas School of Business. She lives between Romagna and San Francisco.

  • Victoria De Maio

    - Travel Advisor, Blogger, Writer, Tour Leader, Published Author & Lover of All Things Italian!

    Victoria De Maio

    Victoria is a lover of all things Italian! As a travel advisor, blogger, writer, tour leader, and published author she is passionate about traveling to and writing about Italy.

    In a constant state of "homesick for Italy", in her blog, PostcardZ from Victoria, she shares (and welcomes) travel tips, advice, photos and much more about bella Italia.

    Her first book, Victoria's Travel Tipz Italian Style is now available on Amazon.

    Join Victoria in spring or fall for her fabulous unique, boutique tours of  Puglia, the charming heel of Italy's boot or Liguria's magical Italian Riviera in fall 2016. She can also help you design YOUR dream trip to Italy! Andiamo! Let's go...together!