Cookie Factory

February 12, 2014 / Events
Rome, Lazio

Carnevale is a few weeks away and so the Innocenti’s family biscottificio (literally “cookie making enterprise”!) is already at full regime, cranking out mountains of frappe, the deep fried sugar powdered cookies that are only made during the period that leads up to lent. Not that the production of other biscotti (from bis-cotto, which simple means “twice baked”) comes to a halt at all… it’s just that frappe, given their unavailability during the rest of the year seem to be moving out the door at a very brisk pace these days.


Ask Signora Stefania, the owner, for some and like her mother, the late Signora Anna before her, the first question she will ask you is “Per quanti?” (“For how many?”), and perhaps just as importantly, whether you’ll want some left over for yourself. She will then liberally cover each layer of frappe with powdered sugar before wrapping it up for you.


One day a few years ago her mother had finished all the small change in the cash register and so simply gave the customers some more frappe instead. Funniest thing… everyone seemed quite please with the solution, probably thinking that one can hardly eat coins con il caff√© after all. And besides… the end of Carnevale and then lent are around the corner anyways.

Biscottificio Artigiano Innocenti, Via della Luce, 21, Trastevere, Roma



by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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  1. R

    My mouth is watering! I remember these cookies from Carnevale time when we lived in Vietri sul Mare, on the Amalfi Coast!!! Do you have a recipe for them?? So delicioso!!

  2. Here in Sardegna the women have been making and force feeding these for weeks now…after the zeppole, and unfortunately it was time for my routine blood analysis. What a mistake! Should have waited til after carnivale, so now I have to limit carbs and sugars : (

  3. Susan Caracciolo Keane

    Love them! I make them the day before Ash Wednesday…there is nothing like them. And I would take biscotti over change any day too :-)

  4. I visited this ” biscuit making enterprise” when i was in Rome, as part of a food tour I was on, sadly it was in the evening, otherwise i could have just stayed there and eaten my way through their biscotti selection. Fabulous shop, lovely family!

  5. Vincent A. Amatulli

    Being an off spring of parents from Bari I am always looking for Italian recipies , especial those bakery cookies made for the various holidays and feast days.

  6. Anne, I always enjoy seeing your face pop up on an article because I know we are about to read wonderful news from Umbria! Thank you for the fantastic article and the beautiful pictures of the Madonna of Foligno

  7. My husband and I made weekly visits to Innocenti during a seven month stay in Rome a couple of years ago. We loved all the cookies, including the frappe, but our favorites were the biscotti al latte – soft cakey vanilla cookies. We wanted to take a photo of Signora Stefania but she was always too shy.


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