Cappuccino Morning

October 16, 2008 / Events
Any opportunity to have un caff√© o un cappuccino and a cornetto (ahem .. more than one actually, in your editor’s case) with friends is good one, and we feel that a valiant effort to seize one such opportunity was made yesterday by all who attended Italian Notebook’s 1st Anniversary Cappuccino Morning. We had a great turnout of readers, contributors and friends, and the event went on until past noon . . so much for an early breakfast!

Thanks to all who participated, either in person or from afar, in the two contests we ran this past week. The results of the 10 Favorite Notes contest are as follows: <ahref=”Pasta e Ceci by GB, I Ragazzi di Via Panisperna by GB, San Galgano by Evanne Brandon Diner, Secret life of Olive Trees by Barbara Goldfield, Sweet Tooth, Anyone by Normanno Ross, Antipasti by Mary Jane, The Annual Regata of San Erasmo by Patricia Glee Smith, Road Sign Aesthetics by Evanne, Grande Sky Country by Lisa Finnerty, and Hospitality (and Wine) in Bertinoro by Vanessa della Pasqua.

The Readers’ Notes Contest was incredibly difficult for us to judge. All were great and all showed your collective love for Italy and each of your unique perspectives. Over the next few months we will be publishing more than just 10 of them, given the high quality of your Notes across the board. Ten special thanks however go to: Monique Quesada, Ethel Anderson, Yvonne Tabalotny, Penny Ewles-Bergeron, Sharon Yockel, Laura de Pamphilis, Amy Battis, Carol de Lucia, Janie (aka Panini Girl), Jane Parker, and June and Doug Porter, as they do to all who sent in submissions!

The previous photo is of the contributors who were in attendance. (Left to right: Lisa, Normanno, Evanne, GB, Mary Jane, and Wendy). Much appreciation to them and all the others who contribute so much to Italian Notebook. The following two photos are of the event and the Galleria Alberto Sordi on the Via del Corso where it was held. Thanks again to everyone, readers included, for making this first year a great one!
…now to work off all those extra cornetti alla crema.


by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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