October 5, 2009 / Events
Bra, Piemonte
cheese1Does Robiola make you weak in the knees?  Would you give your last euro for a sliver of aged Parmagiano Reggiano? Well, here is the event for you, the next time around.

CHEESE, the International Slow Food Cheese Festival, took place on the streets of the city of Bra, in the Langhe region of Southern Piemonte from September 18th through 21st. Hundreds of producers from around the world flooded the walkways, offering tastes of every conceivable type of goat, sheep and cow cheese in the world.

cheese2I can say from experience that it’s best to go there hungry – and be prepared to have your calcium intake raised to sky-high levels! After buying some treasures to take home, pick up a bottle of Nebbiolo and stop in a vineyard to watch the sunset for a mini feast.

Say “CHEESE” next in 2011!


by Diana Baur

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3 Responses to “Say CHEESE!”

  1. Penny Ewles-Bergeron
    Penny Ewles-Bergeron

    The streets must smell delicious! Thanks for a very toothsome note. I’ll just be off to the fridge now…

  2. I hoped and prayed the event would take place at any other time than this, but sadly it didn’t. I am a cheese addict away on a job abroad this fall, so I missed not participating very much. And I also have Piemonte blood running through my veins…

    I love love love formaggio!
    Lola xx

  3. Rosemary

    all I can say is Yummmm! We went to a cheese festival in Perugia (Dite Cheese) down in the Rocca Paolina, and it was amazing. Wish I could have attended this one too! There is nothing like Italian cheeses IN Italy!


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