Caught up in a Festa

October 14, 2011 / Events
Copertino, Puglia
Roaming the beautiful towns of Salento is heartwarming. The people, the food, the land are all rich in beauty.

One such town we crossed almost by accident, as our GPS led us down some very small back Olive grove roads and we being leery of the coarse, took off on our own ending in Copertino.

The day was warm as so many are but there was an excitement in the air. We hit it right, it was time of festa. So many merchants, so many people! The Italiani were saying “not now but stasera”, there will be something special at night fall. We went back to our villa, retuning to Copertino that evening.

WOW, was it worth the trip!

Never did we see such a spectacular light display, moving and changing colors. Even appearing to be snow, yes snow! Every via was dressed. One via had a bandstand, another had a replica of the Tower of Pisa,

Each one outshining the other. Truly it was a delight for the young and the young at heart.

We were mesmerized. Yet not so struck that we forgot to sit at a fine pizzeria in one of the well lit piazze, a good time to have pizze e spezzatino di cavallo (Horse meat stew)… something very special in Salento and Puglia.

What a festa, what an evening to remember.

Giuseppe Spano

by Giuseppe Spano

  Chef,instructor,poet,lecturer,dreamer,marito,father,grandfather great grandfather; while loving it all!    Mi diletto nel popolo italiano

13 Responses to “Caught up in a Festa”

  1. Rosemary

    Barbara, Italy really knows how to throw a party! I love the way you found the town and the festa – so reminded me of all the times we did exactly the same thing when we lived in Italy. What a joy! Thanks for the delightful story and gorgeous photos!

  2. JoAnn Fury

    Is the festa always on Sept. 16-19? Sounds fabulous. Would live to plan my next visit around festas in Iraly.

  3. fran politi

    Another “Festa” fan!! I go to Puglia every spring for 2-3 months. The town I have become most familiar with is Fasano which is not a remarkable town, but they have one of the BEST festa parades of the area! It is called La Scamiciata. The grand parade which is always at the end of June is so excellent! All the surrounding towns put together their own sections and it has everything! Guns, music, flag throwing, dancing, gorgeous horses, and dramas acted out at each street along the way.. I LOVE it! There is a website with films of it as I always see people recording it and was told that they do put it online for people to watch. It may be under a “Puglia” travel site, I think.

  4. Brian Jones, brit ex patt

    A must see for next year, will put it in my Diary,please all visit Bolsena!.

  5. giuseppe spano (jojo)
    giuseppe spano (jojo)

    Bolsena is a glorious town with noble Roman gentry ‘nobiltà romana’

  6. Thank-you very much, Giuseppe, for sharing this amazing festa. We will also make it our mission to go and experience this fabulous event in Copertino. However…don’t know how about the ‘stew’.The photos are fab. Bolsena..We were in Bolsena a month ago. Beautiful!

  7. Mike Freshwater

    Is there a published list or calendar with other festas listed. We will be in italy in July 2012 and would love to attend one. based on this article, it looks wonderful!!

  8. giuseppe spano (jojo)
    giuseppe spano (jojo)

    Sig. Freshwater
    go to or Italy World Club you should find such a list, However the most Feste are in the Spring and fall yet many when you will be there if in the sud.

  9. Alessandra

    I have been in Copertino when they have the festa di San Giuseppe da Copertino. How wunderful!!! people arevery nice and the food oooohhhh how awesome!!! The lights areamazing and the shos as well. Beautiful firework and an awesome parade!!! a must see. By the way I have been to Copertino during the summer as well, around Copertino they have beautiful beaches and you would think everything wouldcost much but truly it doesn’t cheap cheap cheap!!! and again people from the south are such pleasant and set back people very humble andjust an awesome feeling to be around. As I said A MUST SEE PLACE!!! thanks for sharing this page! CIAO!!!


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