Di mastri e di botteghe

March 6, 2015 / Events
Rome, Lazio

“Of (artisan) masters and of workshops..” is the name of Liliana Ranalletta’s recent photography work. The idea came about during a conversation about artisanship in general that she had with a watch/clockmaker in his workshop in Rome. Coming from someone who has spent his entire life working on measuring time, his words struck a chord…

“si sbrighi… si sbrighi a fotografarci perché non ci troverà più tra qualche tempo.”

(“Do hurry up… hurry up and take our pictures because in time we’ll be gone.”)


Since then she has fully immersed herself in the project, and as I’m sure you’ll agree, the result is quite extraordinary.


The photos speak of an intimate personal world, full of art, culture, of elbow grease, solitude, pride, and passion. The workshops, the spaces of these artisans, are out of time, capsules that resolutely refute the chaos of modernity.


No surprise that Liliana has been involved in many projects such as Botteghiamo that relate to artisans (which we have written about in the past, here, here, here). Her current exhibit opens tonight (at Officine Fotografiche, Via Libetta, 1) and inaugurates the 10th edition of “Obbiettivo Donna,” a women’s photography series of events and shows that runs through April 2nd in various locations throughout Rome. Well worth a visit if you’re in this neck of the woods.

You can see more of Liliana’s great photos on her website.



by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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  1. Hello Mr. Bernardini: I am following up to our exchange from last autumn regarding your ideas about having my paintings, prints and greeting cards for sale on a web site with a portion of the sales going to Italian Notebook or some other entity that you were considering. Since you already have a large following in North America it would be good extra exposure for your efforts, as well as mine. Please contact me. Thank you. Joel


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