Estate Romana

September 12, 2012 / Events
Rome, Italy

When economics changed in the late 70′s in Italy and fewer people were able to leave the city for the whole summer as had been the tradition, the Rome city authorities dusted off the entertainment half of the Panem et Circenses concept (bread and entertainment), adding culture into the mix.

Ergo: Estate Romana (Roman Summer), a calendar of municipally sponsored nightly outdoor cinemas, concerts, river walks, book fairs, and theater performances at greatly reduced prices from June to September set up to the delight of all. In spite of the extensive selection, each event is packed with Romans and visitors enjoying great evenings al fresco.

One of the gems is Isola del Cinema, wide-screen movie viewing every night on the Tiberina island as the water of the river burbles past you while you take in the cool of a Roman summer evening. Great fun. Just remember… BYO popcorn.

– Many thanks to Christine Lamonte for the great photos, truly appreciate it!


by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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  1. Giuseppe Spano
    Giuseppe Spano

    Oh yes one such was the late Tenor Salvatore Licitra and Marcelo Alvarez what a wonderful night, too bad it will never be revisited.


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