Farfa Abbey – II

February 18, 2010 / Events
Fara in Sabina, Lazio

..cont’d from part 1

After the Middle Ages, the Abbey played an important role in the economic development of this area just north of Rome. During the Renaissance, farfaabbey5the Orsini (a powerful aristocratic family) reconstructed a new monastery on the site, with shops built surrounding it to accommodate merchants.

These structures and the shops of which they were a part remain in use today. On the first Sunday of each month, shops are open and antiques and crafts are sold. Musical concerts are held throughout the year, attesting to the ongoing site as a place of prayer, conviviality, and celebration.



Evanne Brandon-Diner

by Evanne Brandon-Diner

Chronicler of local village life in Northern Lazio, and property restoration and purchasing consultant. www.lavventuraitalia.com

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  1. Love love love Farfa! Have you ever boarded in the convent cells? I once stayed there during a film shoot and we would wake up to the sound of the Brigidine sisters’ morning song and the delightful smell of freshly baked biscuits.

    Ah blissdom!


  2. Gorgeous pictures!

    @Eleonora: I can’t think of a better way to wake up in the morning!


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