The Papal Audience

September 22, 2008 / Events
“Yup, sorry guys, I don’t think I’ll make the meeting on time. I just saw the Pope duck into a church here, traffic’s a mess.”
While seeing the Pope for most Romans is not too out-of-the-ordinary, participating in a Papal Audience, held every Wednesday that he is in town, is still a special event. The entry is free and open to all, but if you can get tickets (also free) you can get a closer seat.

Both the setting and meeting people of so many countries and faiths contribute to an amazing experience. But what drives the whole event is the history that is so alive. The Swiss Guards for example, whose uniforms were supposedly designed by Michelangelo and who keep a watchful eye over the whole proceedings, are a strong reminder of the past and tradition.

But everyone really comes to the audience to hear and see the Pope himself. Benedict XVI uses the same method to meet and greet the crowds that John Paul II used in his later years, the open roofed white vehicle often referred to as the “Pope mobile”. An audience con il Papa is an experience in Rome that one should not miss . . . even if you do occasionally run into him in town.

John Seybold

by John Seybold

History teacher in Madera, California. An aspiring tour book writer and photographer, blogger and Italian Notebook subscriber.

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