Ravello Festival

October 9, 2007 / Events
Ravello, Campania
You really wonder whether someone has it out for you. Seems impossible that they could have made it more evocative. Yet, someone decided that the summer program of full symphony orchestra outdoor-concerts in Ravello on the roof-top terrace of Villa Rufolo (possibly one of the most incredible views of the Amalfi coast) just wasn’t astounding enough. No, they had to go and push the envelope just a bit further and schedule one extra concert each year… at 4.15 am.

. . . 4.15 am?!? Sounds crazy, yes, but some of the best things are. It is planned “just so” for you to catch the sun rising over the Amalfi coast while listening to your Mozart, et al.


by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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