Senigallia Summer Jamboree

July 15, 2013 / Events
Senigallia, Le Marche
summer jamboree2It’s that time again. Get out your hair gel.

Senigallia has hosted this huge Anni Cinquanta event for the past 14 years and it is a crowd favorite. Old timey vespas and Cinquecento share the road with Thunderbirds and Cadillacs for this melting pot of Italian and American 1950s culture, with the spectacular backdrop that is the Adriatic Sea. It will feel like you have stepped back in time because for two weeks all you see is 50s clothes and hairdos galore… on the streets, in the supermarket, in the historical district, even under the ombrellone next to you at the beach. You’re bound to get whiplash from all the double-takes.

summer jamboree giorgioIt is amazing how a small city like Senigallia can put on such an international event. The 2013 Summer Jamboree (Aug. 3-11) has live bands, shows, and free dance lessons. More and more newcomers come each year from all over the world, but you’ll also start noticing some “regulars” year in and year out, cruising around in their vintage cars (including my ham of a father-in-law, a.k.a. “Giorgio Il Baffo”). Oh, and don’t miss the parade of cars, scooters and motorcylces which usually takes place the last Saturday. You can catch it in town or lungomare.

Buon divertimento!

summer jamboree4

summer jamboree3
summer jamboree

la rocca summer jamboree

Enrica Frulla

by Enrica Frulla

Enrica was born in Italy, raised in the United States and is now living in Senigallia, on the coast of the beautiful Le Marche region. A marketing consultant in a past life, Enrica is now a freelance translator. Recently, her creativity and passion for telling people what to do has also  “translated” into an event planning business.

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  1. Anne Robichaud

    Enrica, so enjoyed and…che nostalgia! …of June vacations at Senigallia with our little ones, in the early 80’s!
    Thanks for the memories

  2. Enrica

    Thanks, ladies! Anne, all the more reason to visit Senigallia again. Ciao!


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