Tuscia in Jazz

July 15, 2008 / Events
Soriano nel Cimino
It’s summertime, and in Italia . . . that means Jazz Concerts! Last year we found a little gem – Tuscia In Jazz now in its 7th year, (begins July 19th).

Why is the Soriano location special? A historic small town piazza where you can sit under the stars with a cocktail while listening to great jazz is hard to beat. Ticket price isn’t bad either . . free.

The festival director, Italo Leali, brings in more than a thousand musicians from around the world to participate in the festival, the seminars, and comps. Some are young musicians who come to take the Master class workshops (some students with Buster Williams, below), while many others are simply here to jam in this great context. The setting is intimate enough that the big names will just sit in and jam with the other musicians for the love of it. And if the evening concert is not enough, walk down the street to nearby cafes to catch sessions that last until dawn.

We’re expecting more of the same great music and musicians this year. Perhaps we’ll see you there . . .

Many kind thanks to Italo Leali of Tuscia In Jazz, for some of the photos.

Evanne Brandon-Diner

by Evanne Brandon-Diner

Chronicler of local village life in Northern Lazio, and property restoration and purchasing consultant. www.lavventuraitalia.com

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