When life Gives you lemons…

November 13, 2013 / Food & Wine
Amalfi, Campania

…make limoncello, lemon soap, lemon ceramics, lemon candles, limoncello granita.

The Amalfi coast isn’t just about stunning sea views, romantic towns, yacht parking and jet setting. Everywhere you look, the theme is lemons, lemons, lemons.

The towns along the coast are famed for the cultivation of gigantic and aromatic lemons, called “sfusato amalfitano” in Italian. They are typically long and at least double the size of other lemons, with a thick skin and a sweet and juicy flesh without many seeds. Lemons grow along the entire Amalfi coast between February and October.


Everywhere you look these sunny fruits are used in decoration– dish towels to candles to ceramics — plus foody favorites such as lemon granita, lemon candy, lemon sorbetto, and fresh fish drenched in lemon juice. Most famous of all is the production of Limoncello, that intensely lemony liqueur loved by millions.


Amalfi is also known for elegant hand-made thick paper called “bambagina.” Positano is known for its sophisticated and colorful patchwork fashions. Ravello is famous for music and spectacular panoramas. Handmade sandals are a specialty item. Still, there is hardly a square centimeter along this fabled coastline that doesn’t have a lemon taking center stage.


Sharri Whiting

by Sharri Whiting

Sharri writes about food, wine and international travel from Umbria, where she and her husband grow olives. In addition to articles, she writes a blog,  UmbriaBella. Her app, Olive Oil IQ is a portable encyclopedia for foodies and culinary travelers (iTunes & Android). Follow her on Twitter: @umbriabella and @oliveoiliq. Facebook: www.facebook.com/UmbriaBella, and www.facebook.com/oliveoiliq

8 Responses to “When life Gives you lemons…”

  1. Pru Bell-Davies

    As a Positano honeymoon baby, and ex Naples resident I frequently dream of the Amalfi coast, especially walking the Sentiero degli Dei through terraced lemon groves with incomparable views to the coast below…and a lemon granita as a reward at the end! HEAVEN…

  2. Ginny Siggia

    I have the good fortune to work for a gentleman whose family hails from Tuscany. He brought me a bottle of limoncello after a trip to Italy, several years ago. I guess he’d heard me chirp about Austrian schnapps and decided I needed to know about the Italian delicacies as well. Since then, a friend told me that he makes not only limoncello but also arancia- and pompelmo-cello. Delightful! I want to devour every bit of today’s notebook. The textiles are begging for a place in my kitchen. Maybe the birthday fairy will remember me.

  3. I recently visited Sorrento and the Amalfi coast for the first time. Positano, Amalfi & Ravello…. So beautiful… I long to return.

  4. And my favorite: lemon risotto with shrimp served in one of those huge lemons! One of the best things I have ever ever tasted!

  5. Carolyn Geller

    I LOVE LEMONS.Use them in everything.Starting the day with 1
    lemon and water

  6. cheryl mauro

    I live here. I’m fortunate to be an Italian citizen as well as American… am surrounded by limoni e cedri. Life is incredibly good! Amalfi two hours north, Sicilia three hours south, with lots and lots of sunshine. mmmmmm…..


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