Caffe’ al bacio

January 15, 2010 / Food & Wine
Naples, Campania

intramoenia2Neapolitan baristi (bartenders, as in at a cafe’) have an infinite number of twists on your traditional caffé. In Piazza Bellini, next to the excavated Greek foundations of the city, Intra Moenia is a bookstore-caffé frequented by artists and students, and the finest choice on the menu is Caffé al bacio (caffe with a kiss).

The barista coats a brandy glass with syrupy Nutella (you are missing out on life if you haven’t heard of this divine chocolate-hazelnut spread). She then adds a healthy shot of espresso and a dollop of milk foam. Cocoa flakes sprinkle the top. It’s expected that you’ll stir the hot beverage for a long time before taking it down in four or five gulps.

Caffé al bacio also comes with an auditory twist. Intra Moenia is one block away from the music conservatory, so often you’ll drink while listening to a delicious soprano practice her scales from an open second story window.

by Barbara Zaragoza

Barbara is author of several books, including “The Espresso Break: Tours and Nooks of Naples, Italy and Beyond” available on in print as well as Kindle versions.

Bonnie Alberts, Penny Ewles-Bergeron and Barbara have teamed up to create a new Naples travel guide, the Napoli Unplugged Guide to Naples. See all their articles at or order the book at

19 Responses to “Caffe’ al bacio”

  1. OMG that looks so yummy! I am diabetic and I can feel my blood sugar rising just looking at this delicious concoction! Nutella, espresso, milk foam and chocolate sprinkles…..what a great combination!

  2. Wow I would love to visit the fantastic bookshop. I am slways in a bookshop in Oxford (UK)…

    What a “Caffe”… that is worth coming over for :-)

  3. The best thing about the drink is that the size is relatively small, so you can have it at 4pm, eat a full dinner and not feel like your waistline ballooned by the next morning. :)

  4. Pasquale

    6:35 am. As sit drinking my “coffee”, the Caffe’ al bacio sounds delicious. Nutella is showing up in all the stores (Los Angeles), I need a small jar ( this stuff is addicting). Perhaps this afternoon. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Thank you! This was a wonderful mid afternoon perk. I’m hurrying to the kitchen to emulate the Intra Moenia’s coffee with a kiss right now.

    Ciao and thanks again for your introduction to this superb Napoli delicacy.

  6. Koko and Sisi

    Thanks for that article. We are currently living in Napoli and tomorrow will definately visit this coffee shop. I’ll feedback you later.
    Chiao e bacci

  7. Stef Smulders

    I love Nutella and Italians like their own invention too, so they use and eat it whenever they can. Piadini con nutella! Nutella ice cream! I’ll try to find an adress that sells this type coffee in the region where I live.

  8. I soooo miss Italy.. especially when I see your posts. Pic looks great too!

  9. Theresa Sheneman

    Sounds and looks delicious. I must try making one myself. Thanks you

  10. We were there! A wonderful piazza and delightful place! But we didn’t know about this drink! Beware – Nutella is habit forming (and fabulous on a slice of bread)!

  11. I’m in the midst of a book where Naples, and the delights of Naples are shared. The Caffé al bacio…. bring one back to the states. Freeze it, dehydrate it, whatever, just bring one back.

  12. Dianne Salazar

    Thanks for the tip! Leaving for Naples/Sorrento/Amalfi in a week and can’t wait to sample this treat!

  13. CeciliaBelenardo

    A good caffe is so much more,can’t live without my espresso daily. I’m going to try all these, they sound wonderful.And I’ll share with my dear friend when we sit in her garden this year.


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