Cafffe Camerino il Cafffe’ Con Tre Effe

October 23, 2007 / Food & Wine
Cafffe Camerino – A bar (café) in Italy does not stay in business long if it doesn’t serve a good espresso. So il caffe’ is ubiquitous and generally pretty good. Of course then you have the A-list cafés (they usually roast their own) that people know about and that can be found in the guide books. Here, the coffee is really good.

But then sometimes, something comes along and just knocks all your parameters off kilter. Prime example of this? Cafffe’ Camerino, located on Largo Argentina in Rome. Spelling mistake? No way. Their slogan is Il Caffe’ Con Tre Effe, (The cofffee with three Fs), so good it gets three F’s rather than the usual two!

Largo Arenula, n.30, in the historic center.


by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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