Ge.Pa… who?

May 14, 2013 / Food & Wine
Fiumicino, Lazio
hbig2_07Hungry from waiting longer than expected due to a delayed flight at the airport? No doubt whoever you’re picking up will appreciate having a bite of real food after suffering through the airplane stuff, right? Or maybe you just oh-so-happen to have made it to the airport early and decide to go for a walk along the fisherman’s port area of Fiumicino itself before your flight.

You’d never know from the sign out front. It’s about as nondescript a looking pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice, to go) as you’re likely to find anywhere. Except for a couple of tells that give it away, such as the well-kept patio out front, the looooong lines around lunchtime especially on weekends, and the ever-growing number of tables taking over more and more of the sidewalk each time you go back.

pizbig1_03And the food.. oh my the food. Being at the port, pretty much all the pizza has fish or frutti di mare (seafood) of one kind or another on it. The dough of the pizza is impeccable, while the toppings are to die for.. better than you’ve had as a main dish in many restaurants. As if that weren’t enough, they’ve made their name with their cartocci (paper cones) of fritto di mare (fried calamari and moscardini). This is possibly one of the more difficult Italian dishes to get right… Ge.Pa.Gi. (short for Gerardo, Pasquale, and Gianni) has set the bar and thrown down the gauntlet.

With a mad twinkle in his eye, Gerardo says that he is spending tens of thousands of euro next month to upgrade their frying system to “le ferrari dei friggitori” (the ferraris of fryers)…

Now when is that next flight?

Via Torre Clementina, 106, Fiumicino
Tel. 349 2879644 or 340 2860916





by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

17 Responses to “Ge.Pa… who?”

  1. How could you be so nasty to tempt us with such mouth watering images! I’m salivating and (according to Google) 1,248 miles away!
    Oh boy! I’d get on a plane right now for a piece of that Pizza!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. trionfale

    Absolutely the best! And you’ve let the cat out of the bag or the calamari out of the cone, let’s say! Best to share the best though…

  3. Ann Waggoner

    Mamma Mia! These are the most hunger inducing photos that I have ever seen. Those baby polipi look soooo good!!!!!!

  4. Joy Huffines

    OH MY! That is so unfair, putting pictures that scrumptious on the screen. We won’t be in Rome until November, but I’ll be thinking about that pizza every day from now until then! Thanks for the information.

  5. OMG! Incredible…and I agree with Sheila, this is almost cruel! But it is also another reason I so love Italy…unexpected pleasures everywhere. I never thought I would put an airport on my “to do” list, nor wish for a delayed flight…but…
    Grazie…I think! LOL

  6. Dan Johnson

    GB, I wish we knew of this place when we stayed in Lido di Ostia! It is so close…

  7. Thanks. This is information a hungry tourist can really use. I’ll look for it next time I’m at the airport.

  8. Herb Klinker

    Last summer we stayed at the Marriott Courtyard in Fiumicino, and it was a 10 minute walk down to the docks. The “fancy” eateries were all booked for the evening and was we walked back, we found this inauspicious pizzeria with a line all the way out to the street. Everyone seemed to be a local, so we took a chance.

    It was the best calamari we ever tasted! Incredible!!! Thanks for your article. It brought back wonderful memories.


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