Forteto Vineyard

July 30, 2009 / Food & Wine
Loazzolo, Piemonte

“Well, you know, every farm needs a tractor. And Amadeus is ours,” said Giovanni Scaglione as he walked us around his World Wildlife Federation Oasis and winery, Forteto della Luja in Loazzolo, Piemonte. A very special spot in the Monferrato for a day tour.

Amadeus, a Haflinger from Austria, seemed quite content as the workhorse of this farm. “He’s so strong, he can basically climb vertical hills.” Good thing, because the slopes of the Forteto’s vineyards defy gravity.
Here you can enjoy a degustazione of Barbera, Barbera/Pinot Noir Blend, Brachetto and Moscato Passito while watching the hidden camera in one of the bird houses. After you’ve had your fill of wine, make sure to thank Amadeus for all his hard work.


by Diana Baur

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5 Responses to “Forteto Vineyard”

  1. Lenore Chicka

    AH! Beautiful! What a lovely view and way to spend a quiet evening.
    thank you

  2. Barbara

    My favorite wine is Barbera. I would love to be sitting their drinking my favorite wine. Barbara

  3. Claudia McCadden

    So beautiful!! I to would totally enjoy a glass of white wine and cheese. Sitting there and taking in the quiet scene.


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