April 12, 2013 / Food & Wine
Nemi, Lazio

fragoline1It is hard to believe that something so small can have such an intense fragrance. Mind you, the normal farm grown strawberries from the Castelli area, about 20 kms. south of Rome, are also very fragrant, but it’s the tiny wild strawberries found in the woods around here that are simply intoxicating.

This first photo shows the difference in size between the two types. Keep in mind that ‘normal’ strawberries, to the right, are already quite small, rarely larger than a bottle cap. The fragoline, on the left, therefore really are miniscule, about the size of a fingernail.

fragoline2Nemi is a well known destination among Romans, who come here on weekends to escape the city heat (in summer) and to consume prodigious quantities of this fruit (in spring, especially). Usually eaten either with ice cream or simply with lemon juice and a bit of sugar, they are just as good eaten plain, as is.

It is simply impossible to walk down the main viale of Nemi without breathing in wave after wave of fragoline fumes. This table below made its presence felt from around a corner about 100 feet way before it was even visible…



by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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  1. Giuseppe Spano
    Giuseppe Spano

    GB – another great post,by the way , I’m noticing that many of your post revolve around food, you are a true Italian……

    • GB

      Yup, good eye! I snuck that photo in today’s note because it’s such a sight… (although it is really from last summer.. shhh!)

  2. Pat Carney Ceccarelli
    Pat Carney Ceccarelli

    Just wish I was there! Nemi also favourite haunt of Frazer ..The Golden Bough, sacrifice of the King and place of the ancient myths. Much nicer enjoying the strawberries and thinking of the nature nymphs. Best wishes from wet Cambridge

  3. Linda Boccia

    Vorrei fragoline……yummmmmm GB! Grazie per l’informazione.

  4. Andrew DiLiddo

    The sign in the third picture reads 3 Cestini, 5 Euros. 3 Baskets for a little over 5 American dollars. That’s a bargain! I don’t know the exchange rate today, but the Euro is a little stronger against the dollar lately…. yummy

  5. Paula (Giangreco) Cullison

    Great article/beautiful photographs. WOW … I can even taste them from here in Phoenix, Arizona!

  6. Ann Waggoner

    Mmm, so delicious and a wonderful light ending to a meal with a little lemon juice and sugar!

  7. G.B. – Oh, you have me longing for Italia…I remember sampling some of these little gems and could hardly believe that something so small and dainty could be so amazingly tasty and sweet! mmmm…. grazie!


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