Gastronomia Andreani

May 25, 2011 / Food & Wine
Collepepe, Umbria

If food is Umbria’s heart and soul and the small family-owned business is its backbone, Gastronomia Andreani combines these into one organic whole.

The Andreani family has been serving customers at their unassuming local emporium in Collepepe (near the lovely hilltown of Collazzone) for almost a century; today, the third generation–brothers Antonio and Floriano, along with his wife Silvana—have expanded what began as a tiny provincial general store in 1915 into a superb culinary mecca.

To call it gourmet or foodie would only detract from the almost reverent concentration on simple yet sublime local fare: their in-house butcher (run by Floriano) is known across the region as one of the best sources of high-quality locally-raised beef and pork, the delicatessen specializes in local cheeses carefully hand-aged by Antonio, and Silvana rules the roost in their house bakery, churning out schiacciata (a focaccia-style pizza), torta al testo (a local flat bread), jam tarts, breads, and seasonal sweets. They also produce their own seasonal selection of preserves, sauces, and mustards.

But to stop at the commercial backbone of the Gastronomia would do a disservice to its heart and soul: the Andreani family itself, deeply rooted in Umbrian soil and passionate about passing on the local culture and traditions through food. Both in their tiny storefront, and in their intimate new restaurant upstairs (open for dinner each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), you aren’t just served delicious food, but taught why it is delicious, what significance it has to this season, this place, this people. These are folks who take eating seriously, and–in this time of disconnect between what we eat, where we live, and who we are—I respect that.

– Photos courtesy of Marzia Keller. Many thanks!

– Read more about Gastronomia Andreani here.

Rebecca Winke

by Rebecca Winke

Owner of Brigolante Apartments, a restored 16th century stone farmhouse / guesthouse in the heart of Umbria near Assisi, and blogger of life in Umbria. For tips and insider information about visiting Umbria, download her Umbria Slow App and see her writings on her personal website!

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  1. Shirley

    Love the description of the food and the photo of husband and wife. Style and grace.

  2. Brian & Dennis at Brigolante

    Well: we are AT Brigolante, and we shall plan a trip. We trust Rebeccs’s recommendations!!

  3. Rachel

    Lovely note Becs, thanks a lot! I noticed in their blog that they also run a sort of country house…What a nice place! Dreaming about a trip there..


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