Le Civette

March 22, 2011 / Food & Wine
Citerna, Umbria

If there was ever a town hidden away between Tuscany and Umbria that would be Citerna. What better place than a medieval hilltop town to have a magical restaurant, Le Civette, (the owls), where the food is delicious and the light-filled interior is reminiscent of a sunny farmhouse kitchen, filled with books, flowers and colorful art work.

In the summer you can sit outside in the town’s fortress’ walkway and surround yourself with medieval architecture.

Interestingly enough, Luisa and Silvia, who own the restaurant, are not so cut off from their potential clients as one would think. I was speaking with a friend about their great restaurant and she responded, “I already know all about it! I just went to Israel with a group of nuns from Citerna and they raved about it!”

Now we know: Citerna is a hub for jet setting nuns and great food!

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Jean Tori

by Jean Tori

Artist- Art website: www.jeantoriartwork.com Art blog: www.jeantori.com Design company: www.kimonorabbit.com Jean also rents holiday houses in her medieval hamlet in Umbria at www.caiporri7.com.

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  1. hebegb

    Thanks, Michele. last time we published a piece about a business, we did get a couple of questions from readers, so I figured I would mention it this time for clarity’s sake.
    GB, ed.

  2. I think it would be nice to hear other NB readers stories of fabulous restaurants in Italy but that might be another blog!

  3. Annelie

    Thank you for your tip,Jean.We definitely will visit this restaurant the next time we are in our home in the neighbourhoord of Citta di Castello.

    I agree with Denise and I like to hear more good stories and hidden tips of restaurants in Italy.

  4. You will definitely enjoy it! Luisa and Silvia are lovely and very passionate about food, and the 360 degree views are also worth the trip! Also there is a fabulous potter who has her studio above the restaurant. Citerna is a goldmine!

  5. Patricia

    Citerna is enchanting. The whole village has been completely restored. Actually, we stayed across the way in Monterchi, which is still Tuscany. I didn’t realize there were restaurants in this town. I guess we were there in l998; maybe it wasn’t open yet.


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