The Mela Annurca

December 5, 2007 / Food & Wine
“Why do they do that?” was the question I had when arriving in Italy in November, many years ago. It just seemed strange that Italians would decorate for Christmas so early, and by tying bright orange balls on trees, at that. A closer look at the strange “Christmas decorations” revealed yet another new and delightful food item, the persimmon.

Originally from China, it came to Italy in the nineteenth century, and is easily available in October and November, to disappear until the next autumn.

How delicious the soft, pulpy, jelly-like fruit, when ripe. Make sure they are really ripe, because otherwise a persimmon can make your mouth pucker more than a green lemon. Another part of learning about persimmons is to understand how to get them home. Never, ever put them in the bottom of your bag . . .

Barbara Goldfield

by Barbara Goldfield

Owner of “Savour The Sannio”,, a travel consultancy for central and southern Italy.

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