The Splendors of Italian Markets

March 26, 2009 / Food & Wine
mercato11One of the most rewarding experiences you can have in Italy is to visit the local food markets. Each display of foods is a feast for the eyes. Various fruits are piled perfectly into pyramids or grouped into baskets. You can see baby zucchini with their flower blossoms still intact, plump red Roma tomatoes, shiny black eggplant, onions, and assorted colorful bell peppers.

An assortment of fresh fish and seafood, fragrant herbs strait from the garden, olive oil flavorful and aromatic, poultry, beef and veal, cured meats, cheeses, freshly baked bread, and locally grown produce are displayed.

mercato21The markets are lively with people who shop daily for fresh produce and plan the day’s menu around what looks, feels and smells to be in peak condition. You can do the same for a delectable picnic.
The next time you are in Italy, check out these bustling markets and enjoy the splendors of an Italian market.

by Monica Pileggi

Contract Specialist, Photographer and Traveler. You can view the photographs that documents her travel impressions on

5 Responses to “The Splendors of Italian Markets”

  1. Patricia

    Sitting here at my desk on this dreary day in New Jersey and I open up the “Italian Notebook”. Looking at the pictures and reading about the Italian marketplace, transported me across the ocean. I instantly relaxed and in my head (and heart) was walking through the marketplace looking, talking and sampling different food. One day I will actually be there in body, not just in spirit.

  2. 26. Maerz 2009
    Everytime I receive the “Italian Notebook” I am ready to pack my suitcase! – “THANK YOU” so much to “ALL” the Contributors, thank you for sharing! – Karin

  3. Ronald Clemente

    Being from the Garden State I appreciate these markets, they were a site for hungry eyes. It was nourishment and fuel for me while doing my bicycle trip through the region of Puglia and my ancestral home town of Altamura. I yearn to go back again.


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