Sweet Tooth, Anyone?

September 17, 2008 / Food & Wine

To our readers who savor their gluttony,
this note will be taken in harmony.
All others should read it quite solemnly
less they end up with stomachs in agony.

One Sunday not too very long ago,
for luncheon we ventured to Anzio.
But lunch became quickly a no-no,
With visions that shook up my mo-jo.

The Fiera dei Golosi* with all of its treasures,
offered heavenly aromas and plenty of pleasures.
And before I could take any defensive measures,
I was soon overcome by its too many pressures.

*(The Fair for the Sweet-Toothed)

There were cakes, there were pastries and lots of gelato
and a fountain, not water, but pure cioccolato.
Biscotti were served with sparkling red vino
and I loved my chocolaty cappuccino!

Well, my rhyme is now over for better or worse,
but I hope you enjoyed my irregular verse.
The 12th of October is the next scheduled curse,
so, please join my gluttonous universe.

Normanno Ross

by Normanno Ross

TV Producer, Special Events Organiser, and avowed Romaphile.

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