Umberto’s Cremolate: Nature’s Very Own Candy

October 13, 2007 / Food & Wine
I yell at him every time. “Umberto, you NEED to get a sign out front so people know you make this!” “Ehhh, si, si, it will be done, I spoke to someone . . um . . here! . . what do you think of this flavor?!”, is usually his answer. He is obviously having too much fun repeatedly knocking the socks off those (too few!) people who know about his creations. Umberto makes the most unbelievable cremolate, which is simply a frozen fruit-juice/pulp treat. It doesn’t sound that interesting described this way, but the intensity of the flavors is incredible. While giving you your serving three times over, he’ll proudly tell you he makes it all himself, starting with his own homegrown seasonal organic fruit from his garden just out of town.

This fall’s flavors? White grape, fragolino grape (an Italian variety of tiny dark grapes that taste like strawberries), bitter pear, persimmon, black fig. It all depends on what is growing in his garden at that point. “Nature’s very own candy!” he’ll say. Just be sure to swing by and have one next time you’re in Rome.

Who knows . . maybe by then he’ll even have that sign made and hanging out front. (Corso Vittorio Emmanuele II, 2/2a, in Piazza del Gesu’)


by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

3 Responses to “Umberto’s Cremolate: Nature’s Very Own Candy”

  1. Maria

    No. Sicilian granita is a lemon ice dessert. Cremolata is milky, creamer and with pistachios.

  2. The ice cream is delicious. It is the best in Rome. Umberto is charming and friendly. Come over to visit him :-)


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