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This is the FAQ for ItalianNotebook.com. If you don’t find the info you need, please contact us. We’ll answer you and include your question in the FAQ for future users. Thanks!

General Questions

Email Issues


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What is Italian Notebook?Italian Notebook is a way to receive a free email that covers one beautiful, memorable, or special place, event, dish, or thing about Italy a day. It is also a website where those daily emails, or NOTES, are stored for Italy Lovers to consult and review (when they can’t be in Italy in person, of course).How do I sign up?It’s easy, just click here, fill in your email address, and hit send.Will you sell or share personal info or my address with 3rd parties?We value your personal privacy, and will NEVER share or sell your info or address with anyone. You can read our Policies here.How does Italian Notebook make money?We make money through advertising by selling one banner ad per emailed or archived Note.Can someone pay to be covered in a Note?No. The choice of topics covered in our Notes are only motivated by our love of those things and the pleasure of sharing them with you. Selling that would take away from the fun.I’ve got an idea for a great Note. Whom do I write to?That’s great! We encourage our readers to send us ideas or requests for Notes, and even to write Notes! Click here to contact us with your idea.I missed some Notes. How can I read them?You can read all the Notes ever published by going to the homepage, and choosing to see the Notes in any given category by clicking on the category name in the grey bar under the header, or see all the notes by clicking on “View All Notes” at the bottom.

E-mail Issues

I subscribed but I’m not getting any Notes, or they’re ending up in my spam/junk folder, or they look strange.Your internet service provider and/or your email program are blocking the Notes or the images in the Notes (which then blocks the Notes). The general solution is to add “info@italiannotebook.com” (without quotes) to your address book or safe senders list. CLICK HERE to find the program that you use for your emails (Microsoft Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) and you’ll find instructions on how to change the filter settings to receive the Notes, and/or images.

How do I change from one email address to another?

As we do not hold accounts with names or other info (for privacy purposes), there is no email tied to an account for us to change. Please simply unsubscribe your old email, and then subscribe with your new email address (just as if you were a new user).

How do I unsubscribe?

Sorry to see you go, but you can unsubscribe here at any time.


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