A Remarkable Lady

November 6, 2008 / Local Interest
Maratea, Basilicata
MarateaSoaking up as much of this wonderful town as possible, we explored the upper steps deep into the alleyways.

We traversed upward, following a signora carrying two large leather bags, her daily needs from the piazza. Counting the steps 100, 156, 218… at 273 I lost count. Yet she continued up and up. At a juncture of alleys the signora stepped into her home, wishing us buona giornata with a smile.

We went our way, up again. Getting hungry we turned downward into another alley, but soon found ourselves back at the same corner where our amazing signora lived. She was at her doorway so I asked, “Signora posso farLe una foto?” (May I take your picture?) She agreed but held her hand out telling me to wait. She reached inside for a broom, swept her front step, placed the broom back inside, straightened her apron and motioned go ahead.

A remarkable memory of a remarkable lady who by the way, happens to be in her nineties.


Giuseppe Spano

by Giuseppe Spano

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