Bari, Not The North Pole

September 3, 2008 / Local Interest
Bari is the second largest sea port in Italy, and the ancient inner city is truly lovey! Few know however that since the 11th century Bari and not the North Pole has been home to Saint Nick . .

A little less than a thousand years ago, after much deliberation by the monks who looked after his burial in his hometown of Myra in Turkey, it was decided that due to Saracen threat he should be moved for safekeeping to Bari. A fitting place for the Patron Saint of Sailors . . but not only . . .

Thanks to his charitable work and hence “gift-giving” during his life, San Nicola is also the Patron Saint of Children.

And now he has one extra stop to make come this December. The blue ribbon hung outside this lovely home in the old town of Bari means a baby boy is born. (Also, right above the ribbon notice the permanent ceramic effigy of the Saint protecting the house.)

San Nicola won’t have far to go at all in this case . .

John Seybold

by John Seybold

History teacher in Madera, California. An aspiring tour book writer and photographer, blogger and Italian Notebook subscriber.

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