Biking from Italy to Austria with a 7 year old

January 27, 2015 / Local Interest
San Candido, Trentino Alto-Adige

We started in the town of San Candido, way north in Italy’s Dolomites mountains, a group of 16. Everyone rented bikes, and for the little kids we rented trail-a-bikes, baby seats, and wheeled carriers. My 7 year old insisted he was not a little kid and wanted to bike the 26 mile path on his own bike, so we set off together on the trail to Lienz Austria, a paved path that is a gentle downhill virtually the entire way.

San Candido Italy to Lienz Austria bike path

An adult of decent fitness can bike this path in about 2.5 hours, but a 7 year old boy is easily distracted, and we soon fell way behind the rest of the group. I sounded like a broken record reminding him to “stay to the right!” every 30 seconds. Oh but there were so many things to look at! Pretty scenery:

San Candido Italy to Lienz Austria bike path

Bridges, rivers, and cows:

San Candido Italy to Lienz Austria bike path

And what’s that? A cookie factory! We stopped for a break and bought cookies, and found the rest of the group waiting there for us.

San Candido Italy to Lienz Austria Loacker cookie factory

Back on the path, about 10 miles from Lienz, my son stopped his bike and declared he simply could not pedal any longer. His hands hurt and he was done. Thankfully after a short rest, lots of cajoling, and some water and cookies, he drew on his reserves and we made it to the train station in Lienz, where we returned the bikes and took the hour-long train back to San Candido.

Lienz Austria train station bike rental return

Back in San Candido, there was a festival in full swing!

San Candido Dolomites Italy

…where we oohed and ahhed at the high wire act and then headed back to our hotel, tired but happy cyclists.

San candido summer festival Dolomites, Italy

by Madeline Jhawar

Madeline is the owner of Italy Beyond the Obvious, and creates Italy itineraries for independent travelers.

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  1. Great to hear of the wonderful biking options in Italy for younger and older travelers. Grazie!

    • Anna this bike path is perfect for all ages – The oldest person in our group was 70, and while it was quite a few miles, everyone had a good time and felt a great sense of accomplishment. And we earned those chocolate cookies…

  2. amazing! thanks for including us on your adventure and sharing the photos.


    I oftern wonder why my Great Grandfather left Tyrol for the USA. Italia received about 60 miles of Austria after WW1. Most people there chose to converse in German and not it Italian. My great grandfather disinherited my Nona because she married a Tuscan from Stivia in the providence of Lucca. The hard feeling still exist!


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