Buone ferie

August 12, 2015 / Local Interest

Dear friends,
Today’s note is to say arrivederci now that the traditional Italian summer ferie (vacation/break) are upon us.

Before closing however, a very special thanks goes out to all the contributors for the great content they have shared with the community this year. We highly recommend contacting them for your next trip to Italy. What better local experts to unlock more secret spots and ensure memorable experiences for you than them, who have made it their mission to live in and know the places they truly love. Cari contributors, none of this would be possible without your passione… grazie mille!

Ferragosto means we will be taking some R&R and enjoying holiday time with family and friends. We hope you will be doing the same, and wish you the very best of summers. We look forward to another great year together, with new energy and new ideas once again in a few weeks.

Un saluto, e buone ferie to all!




by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

87 Responses to “Buone ferie”

  1. Debra Duckman

    Enjoy your holiday GB! We love Italian Notebook and look forward to receiving it each day and greatly appreciate your creativity all year long.

  2. Rita Zijp

    Thank you all at Italian Notebook, I have enjoyed every day’s note and wish you all a good restful holiday!

    Best wishes,

  3. I look forward to your daily notes each day. I look forward to bringing my Italy Retreat group to Italy in September. Have a great vacation!

  4. Have a lovely holiday, and hurry back soon! Don’t know if we can make it through until September for the Notes!!

  5. Roseann

    Thanks for another year of exceptional notes. I have learned so much about Italy from Italian Notebook.

  6. giovanna gandy

    Thank you for all the beautifull emails I’ve enjoyed so much.
    Have a great well deserved time off.
    looking forward to your emails in september.
    Ciao, giovanna

  7. GB and all your crew, enjoy your R&R. Looking forward to your new articles when you return in September.

  8. Dick - PA, USA

    GB & crew enjoy your R&R. Looking forward to new articles in Sept.

  9. Arthur Bierman

    GB, I have a request that if fulfilled will make me even happier come Sept.: Make it easier to forward your dailies. I grow tired of having to type names & addresses instead of clicking on my recipients saved names and email addresses. Grazie, Arturo

  10. Joan Fenendael

    I will be in Italy in late October and can’t wait to re-visit some favorite places, Orvieto and Rome.

  11. Kathleen Femiani

    Enjoy your break! You will be missed!
    Ciao! Ciao! Ciao!

  12. Michelle Bini

    I am traveling to Italy in October and have so enjoyed all of your columns. Have a wonderful vacation and when you return I will be able to “relate” to much you say.

  13. Patricia Sandler

    Buona ferie! Anch’io saro` in Italia ad ottobre. Vedere la sua bellezza e` la ragione per questo tacuino. Buona fortuna, anche.

  14. I will miss you but I know how important it is to have some R&R
    Enjoy, looking foward to hearing from you in September. Ciao, Angela

  15. Jill Ackerman

    Viva L’Italia, and thank you for nourishing la mia nostalgia with your good humor and clever writings, GB and everyone! Buone ferie tutte.
    Al’Autunno allora…

  16. Pat Carney Ceccarelli
    Pat Carney Ceccarelli

    Wonderful GB looking over these responses knowing we are all part of a lovely crew all in love with life and Italy. Your photographs for the summer holiday somehow capturing that love of life, family, friends, food, wine. And above all – us being connected! Many thanks! from Pat

  17. Henry Clukey

    I hope you enjoy your long Italian vacation,well deserved!!!!Will miss your daily posts… Once again ENJOY!!!! Henry. P.s. SO,SO envious……

  18. Stephanie

    Thank you for all the hard work you do on the “Italian Notebook” that I so Much enjoy reading each day. Wishing you a good month full of rest anf good food. Wish I was there to enjoy with you. Milli grazie a tutti voi!!!

  19. Ciao, GB! Buone ferie e buon lavoro, allora! Looking forward to all the new developments!

  20. Anne Robichaud

    Buone ferie, GB and enjoy a well-deserved rest. Complimenti again and again for all you do in diffusing the news on the endless treasures of Italy.

  21. God Bless and be safe out there, have a good vacation and thanks for all the good work this year….saluto tutti voi grande principe e principesse

  22. Dick RI

    Wish I were coming this year to visit you. There’s still September/October, the best time to visit you.

  23. Iris Carulli

    You rule GB. Thanks for the great site and great writing, always, Iris

  24. Enjoy your vacation – looking forward to your return! My son goes to Italy in September for the semester -I plan to forward your wonderful articles to him! MD

  25. Have a wonderful vacation and I will try to live without you…temporarily. I look forward to your return in September and greeting you each day in my mailbox. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the news, information and the people we meet in your dailies.

    Thank you. Thank you.

  26. lisa evans

    What is the meaning of Ferragosto?
    The 15th August is called “Ferragosto” from Latin “Feriae Augusti” = “the rest of August”, in honor of Octavian Augustus (from which derives the name of the month August). “Ferragosto” has ancient origins: it was a day off, the time for resting and thanksgiving for the fruits received from the ground but in 18BC were called “Feriae Augusti”. On “Ferragosto” the workers had the rest and used to receive a tip from the master.
    After the fall of Roman Empire the Church transformed the Ferragosto, it became the “Assunzione” (the Assumption, one of the dogmas of Catholicism).

  27. John cowley

    All so many good and excellent comments, well diservered, you all must enjoy the break, and thank you for bringing thid increadible country to life in such great perspective! Please excuse my spelling!
    Buon vacance
    Look forward to the next issues!

  28. francesco costa

    buone ferie a te, caro gb, e a chiunque tu ami! io sono tornato stasera a roma dalla puglia con un viaggio di sei ore in un treno privo di aria condizionata, ma che cosa sono le difficoltà se si possiede un minimo di spirito di avventura? oltretutto, per uno scrittore, sono la linfa che nutre l’ispirazione! ora mi rimetto a scrivere, ma mi mancherà italian notebook! arrivederci a settembre e sii felice, francesco

  29. Lenore Chicka

    FANTASTIC! I am sooooo pleased to hear that all went so well for you, and am excited about what will be coming up soon. Every morning while I read your notes and listen to Italian music ,it
    transcends me back to Italy which I miss and love so much. Your website has been phenomenal and enjoyed by me and so many. We’re with you 100%.
    ciao, Lenore

  30. Divertiti, GB! I remember being in Rome during Ferragosto on my first trip to Rome – over 22 years ago – not realizing I should have been somewhere else. As it turned out, I had a superlative guide who was able to show me the city I’ve been in love with ever since without the crowd interference.

  31. Joseph Spano

    Be well return fat in life so we may enjoy our notes together. Francesco from puglia and we go to visit friends and family..until then rimanere saggio..

  32. Santa Lucia DiFalco

    can’t tell you how much we enjoy Italian Notebook. With all our realtives gone we enjoy the stories that we miss so much. Husband and I will be in Puglia in October this year. New area for us to explore. thank you and enjoy the rest.

  33. Loretta Cynowa

    How about having a strip along the side of your daily mailings to us of advertisements of hotels, restaurants, travel agents, and other companies that would be of interest to your readers (and helpful!). That way you receive money and we get info on places that are available when we travel to Italy. I know you probably want to remain unbiased and not promote an individual restaurant of hotel. but you could have a listing of hotels or restaurants that the businesses could pay to be on, etc. OR if you highlight a particular region or city, you could contact hotels or restaurants in the area to be advertised in that issue, etc. Just a thought, but I would like it and find it helpful.

  34. GB,
    Will miss you…but a well-deserved “buone ferie”! Grazie for the notes and the opportunity to be a Contributing Writer!
    Until September…divertiti!

  35. While I wish you lots of rest and relaxation, I will personally miss your daily greeting. It kept a smile on my face while I was nursing my shattered leg. My best to you and your enter staff for producing an excellent product, and the photography is good to frame. Thank you.

    • Mary K. De Paola

      While I wish you lots of rest and relaxation, I will personally miss your daily greeting. It keeps a smile on my face while I am nursing my shattered leg. My best to you and your entire staff for producing an excellent product, and photography good for framing. Read you in September. Thank you, Mary

  36. Allan Mahnke

    Mille grazie e buona ferie a voi tutti! Anche noi saremo in Italia in ottobre!

  37. GB,
    If you can possibly enjoy yourself and Italy even more during the holiday, more than you already do… please write about it when you return. You will be thought of as you are off getting some sun.

  38. mary jane

    Buone vacanze to all the other IN contributors – and readers. Eventhough we are on Holiday, most of us will be keeping our eyes open for new, interesting tales to narrate . A tip for those who cant live without the daily IN email : go back and read some in the Archives that you might have missed…and visit the contributors’ websites and blogs. There is a wealth of information you will not find anywhere else .

  39. My God, is it that time again? I’m not talking about summer but a month without reading Italian Notebook… I know this happens every year but it still surprises me when it happens.
    Enjoy the holidays and get some rest. Bring back some good stories. Blessings and safe journey.

  40. Irene Malizia Lojeski

    Wishing you a wonderful vacation. Thank you for all of your information about Italy. If anyone is going to Rome, be sure to catch the light show at the Augustus forum. It shows at 9, 10, and 11;00 pm. Unbelievable!

  41. Cecelia LeClair

    What a lovely stroll through interesting and beautiful sections of Italy. Always look forward to the notes. Thank you. My small town reminds me somewhat of areas in Italy, but I so look forward to my next visit there.
    Saint Petersburg, Florida USA

  42. Colleen Simpson

    Another wonderful year of Italian Notebook! Bravo! If you are headed up our way during vacation, give us a shout. Would love to see you again.

  43. Have a great vacation..I send Notebook to all my family and friends They love it. I did not get to Italy this summer and i am so sorry but you kept me informed thanks a million

  44. ann geraci

    your comments and descriptions are right on the mark, opening many new doors for my travelers. Wishing yu a good rest and looking forward to reading again in the fall !

  45. donald antonangeli

    A terrific job with a terrific website. God Bless to all staff and contributors.

  46. sandra potter

    Your holiday time is certainly well deserved. Each day your helpful and intesting articles make my day a little more pleasant. Thank you for all you do. Soon we will be a part of La Dolce Vita in Italia. S. P.

  47. Harvey-Jane Kowal

    GB and all the contributors to Italian Notebook–have a restful summer holiday. Love the picture of the glasses of wine, which I assume you will all be enjoying!


  48. Linda D.

    WAIT! Rats…you’ve already left for vacation. Well, on the upside, I hope you have a wonderful time. You’ve earned it for filling my mailbox with such great photos and columns about my favorite stomping grounds in Italy. ON the downside, I wanted to find out where the last waterfront photo was taken — the one in your email message this morning. When I clicked on the photo, it brought me to this web page which did NOT contain the photos in the email. So, I’m seriously bummed that I can’t plan my next trip to include that gorgeous vista. When you return, please let us know where that photo was taken? Thanks!

  49. Joan D. Carpenter

    Buone ferie a tutti. I, too, will miss you while you are gone, and wait impatiently for your return. I enjoy my daily visits to the Notebook very, very much. A presto!

  50. Frances Casalino Perkalis

    I am going to miss all the wonderful stories. Both my parents were born in Bari.They left a beautiful legasey you can’t replace it with anything What a wonderful life we had.Thank you and God BlessYou And lots of big hugs.

  51. Anstell Ricossa

    Tanti auguri per una Buona Vacanza ! Buon riposo e divertimento !

    Tanti auguri per una buona vacanza ! Buon riposo !

  52. Marianna Raccuglia

    A very sincere thank you for all these wonderful columns. Have a great summer and return to your fans as soon as possible! Marianna

  53. Divertisi! Grazie mille for all the notebook entries that keeps the Italian glow alive when I’m not there. Is the next to last image from Signorelli’s freschi from the Cappela San Brizio, the Duomo in Orvieto?

  54. Buone ferie, GB – may you enjoy your well-earned r&r after another year of a wonderful bouquet of Italian tastes, sounds, vistas, history, smiles, memories, and discoveries. Molto grazie!

  55. Lucile Stachowiak

    I have thoroughly enjoyed all the notebook entries, takes me to all the places in Italy that I will probably not get to, the little out of the way villages, but have opened the door for all of us. I am traveling to Milan in September for 10 days and so looking forward to it. Again grazie mille

  56. Rosemary Johnson

    Since my first visit to Italy this past year, I’ve been more interested than ever is all of the great reporting on this site! Keep up the great work!!

  57. Roseann

    Thank you, GB, for another year of lovely Italian Notebook postings.

  58. David Bridges

    Have a well-deserved vacation. My wife and I love the Italian Notebook. Molto nostalgia per la bella Italia.

  59. Irene Malizia Lojeski

    Buon Ferragosto. See you in the Fall. I really enjoy the Italian Notebook. Thank you.




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