The Colors of the Italian Riviera

May 2, 2011 / Local Interest

Colors are a primary part of the Italian Riviera’s identity. Wandering among the little towns and villages of Liguria you’ll notice how they perfectly mingle with the landscape and with the local tastes and scents that are traditional to Liguria.

The colors of olive grove in Imperia, vineyards in the Cinque Terre, small shops, restaurants and old fishermen houses, gardens in bloom, on and on in a succession of scenery is one of the first thing that enchants travelers visiting this region.

In the past colors were very important. In fact there’s a reason why the houses of many fishing villages, such as Camogli or Portofino, are multi-colored. Houses were each painted a different shade of color so the returning sailors could easily pick out their own.

The Italian culture, from its language to its food, from its architecture to the people, is all colored and full of verve. Any surprise that’s I’ve decided to paint some of my indoor home walls in the pastel colors of the Italian Riviera?

Anna Merulla

by Anna Merulla

Founder of Beautiful Liguria, a travel concierge service that offers everything from tour planning, hiking excursions, cooking lessons, personal shopping and much more in this great region. In 2009 she decided to begin sharing her personal knowledge of the beauty, the culture, and the history of Liguria in which she’s immersed every day.

9 Responses to “The Colors of the Italian Riviera”

  1. Bev. Granzella

    The article on Liguria was delightful. However, where the pictures should have been there were just blank squares. Usually when a picture will not print the square has a red X in the corner. Not so here, just nothing in the blanks. Hopefully this is a one time error. I’m sure the pictures were pretty.

    B. Granzella

  2. Stef

    Yes the Ligurian coast is worth discovering, with lot’s of little villages like Chiavari and Arenzano (which has one the most beautiful parks of Italy).

  3. Rosalie

    It is just beautiful. I have many memories of the Italian Riviera.
    Grazie mille.

  4. Denise

    I have heard this same story about why the houses are painted different colors but wasn’t sure if it was true! Bella!

  5. Anne Robichaud

    Grazie, Anna….glad you mentioned Camogli: one of my favorites.
    Yes, the word “Italy” just connotes COLOR, vero!?

  6. Gian Banchero

    I’ve heard that the reason for painting houses in pastels is to ward off the bright glare of the sun, walking down streets flanked by white buildings can prove quite the distraction when having to constantly squint. Great photos, thank you Anna.

  7. Toni DeBella

    Anna, I went to Le Cinque Terre in early November and the colors of Riomaggiore were astounding to me. I was so inspired by the vibrancy of the region and, at the same time, its serenity (not too many tourists this time of year). I spend most of my time in Umbria, which I love, but it is the only “land-locked” region…I love the water and I can see how one could become completely seduced to this place and never want to leave. I hope to be back to Liguria soon. Your post was a lovely reminder of my special 2 days visit…I will be back. Toni


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