Marbleized Paper Master

May 10, 2011 / Local Interest
Venice, Veneto
Alberto Valese is a master of the marbleized technique used to decorate paper with colorful motifs that replicate the veins of marble. It is not a simple technique and he has studied and experimented it for years, traveling to Paris and Turkey to learn under the masters.

Marbleized paper originally spread throughout Europe during the XVII century having been imported through the Silk Road from Japan and China to Turkey.

The paper absorbs the colors that are suspended in a liquid, and the art is in shifting the paper to create multi-colored veins and wave textures.

Alberto is above all inspired by Venice, “suspended between sky and water”. Only this Byzantine marbleized technique created on his paper manages to render the changing shades of colors of the lagoon.

-Alberto’s shop is in San Marco, Campo Santo Stefano 3471,

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Jean Tori

by Jean Tori

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  1. Yes, it was one of those discoveries by pure chance! Alberto also works with the traditional printing techniques (first photo). I love the Venice architecture design prints.

  2. vanna moore

    thanks for this wonderful info. I will make sure to visit Alberto’s shop on my next visit to beautiful Venice!

  3. Fantastic! Wish I had seen it or known about it before, when we were there! Thanks for sharing.

  4. giuseppe spano (jojo)
    giuseppe spano (jojo)

    as if the marmo vero is not beautiful enough, artist such as signore Valese compete in talent with the Gods. Very beautiful

  5. Janet Reider

    I am a hand-made paper junkie. Although I have spent many days/weeks in Venice I did not know of this man and I am happily looking forward to visiting Alberto on my next Venice adventure. Thanks for the article!

  6. Apparently this is a rare art form and not many are able to transform paper into marble. I believe it is a mixture of training, talent, experience and inspiration.

  7. Barbara Spalding

    As usual, it seems that the highest quality of art come from Italy….

  8. Ann Watters

    I stop by this shop every time I’m in Venice! Wonderful papers.

  9. Helen Burbery

    I have recently been recovering from a cardiac arrest. I would love to correspond with paper & calligraphy lovers who also like writing letters the old-fashioned way…..lovely paper stock, matching envelopes & the like! Is there anyone out there who might have the time…which I now have a lot of!!! Let me know if you can – I would love a contact in Italy who actually shops for such things!!
    Thank you & I hope for a response!

    Helen Burbery (A New Zealander by birth. Email:


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