Mimes: Silent Voices in Piazza

November 17, 2008 / Local Interest
Yes, it’s true that the magnificent fountains, beautiful architecture and beckoning caf√©s are what draw visitors to Piazza Navona. However, it is the mimes that silently bring life, bring magic to the crowds, and keep them coming back.

Visitors who are not accustomed to seeing mimes in their own cities and towns often walk right by in their haste without taking notice, missing one of the very things that makes the piazza come to life. On any given day you will find these silent figures interacting with the crowd, mesmerizing children and bringing laughter to the adults who have taken the time to see and appreciate them.

— Contributed by Sharon Yockel for the 1st Anniversary Reader’s Note Contest. Thank you so much! Sharon is a traveler and photographer, forever changed after first setting foot on Italian soil. Some of her great work is visible at www.acloserlookphotos.com.

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