Officina Profumo Farmaceutica

May 11, 2009 / Local Interest
officinaprofumo1When in Florence this is a must see! Close to Santa Maria Novella, this pharmacy has been here since 1221. In it you can find many different scents such as “Aqua de la Regina” which was exclusively made for Caterina de’ Medici, who after being crowned Queen of France let the country know about her precious perfume. Later when the scent was reproduced it was also re-named “Eau de Cologne”.

All the soaps, perfumes and toiletries are still all naturally handmade following the methods established by the Dominican Friars centuries ago and are wonderfully packaged in old style bottles, tissue wraps and boxes which make for the perfect gift to take back home.

The Officina Profumo even made it into the movies. The infamous Dr.Hannibal Lecter is traced back to Florence through the scent he used which came from this particular store. The shop has several beautifully decorated rooms, which also serve as a museum.

— Contributed by Anastasia Carnicero Perez-Jimenez, student in Prof.Geoghegan’s Travel Writing class, American University of Rome

9 Responses to “Officina Profumo Farmaceutica”

  1. Christine Reinhardt

    This place is AWESOME!!!! I was there last year!

  2. Anna Marie

    Good Morning, I would say this is a must see, love old pharamacy anyway, interesting to smell and see things from the past.

  3. Claudia McCadden

    Buonanotte, My husband and I just love everything about Florence. We have been to Italy three times so far. We intend to return in 2011. We have seen this farmaceutica. I have to say that it is so bello, and noi ritorno.
    I enjoy your newsletter.
    Grazie mille,
    Claudia McCadden

  4. Martha

    The stuff is pricey.let’s be honest. But it lasts for a long time. I have 3 bottles that will last and last. I love the Patchouli, the Sicila is a lemony wonder for summer For Christmas, a friend bought me a bottle of Gardenia. Not exactly among my scent preferences but the fragrance is beautiful and true. One little shot..that’s it.
    When you visit and intend to buy take your time. The sales associates will spray each scent on a paper spear and if you really like it the will spry it on your arm.. If I had lots of money I would spend it there!!!


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